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Having been disappointed the past 3 weeks by both sides of the government aisle– the lack of consequences in Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and voter fraud–I believe the perfect metaphor for all of this insanity is the movie The Wizard of Oz. We are all “Dorothy” now, and our way of life is the devastated Farm.

There’s a real sense that I am definitely not in Kansas anymore and that the Yellow Brick Road is all torn up. I am trying to find my way back. I am clicking my heels three times and saying over and over, “I want to go home!” but nothing is happening.  I am glad my home didn’t float away in Hurricane Sandy like Dorothy’s in the tornado, but it would have really tied into this story perfectly…

And yet through all the disasters we’ve seen, the mainstream media continually tells us:  “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

For (over) four years we have been steadily destroyed by Hurricane Obama- and the aftermath is American Oz.  Unfortunately in this retelling of the tale, we are doomed to have even more destruction bestowed upon us. Anything we want—such as truth and justice and freedom– is not allowed in any form in American Oz. This “fiscal cliff” business is just another metaphor for our mental, physical, and spiritual demise.

Further compounding my sense of doom is our useless government in this “American Oz”– useless because they cannot come up with any sort of budget or plans to get us OUT of this mess.  Like the brainless Scarecrow, our government seems to be completely oblivious as to how to help anyone—from us ordinary citizens to our dead U.S. Ambassador.  Or perhaps instead of being brainless they are simply heartless like the Tin Man…

And then there’s Congress, or the brigade of Cowardly Lions needing courage.  Bottom line it appears that working for the government in 2012 in any capacity doesn’t require brains, hearts or courage in this modern American version of Oz.

Sadly, the Good Fairy is either dead or deep undercover somewhere in OZ America.  There is no truth or conscience or consequence behind the government curtain. There is not even a fake attempt to open the curtain. The curtain seems to be super-glued shut. Behind the curtain are government employees with their cushy benefits and healthcare. Maybe the Good Fairy got stuck behind the super-glued curtain…

We have several Wicked Witches–take your pick. I don’t even need to name names (but I will in case you do not have a non-Oz brain):  Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarret , Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman- Schulz, and Janet Napolitano are just a few.  The media is just one giant Wicked Witch in my humble opinion. The elected on both sides of the aisle resemble and behave like the flying monkeys.

Oz citizens are at their mercy, and it is getting harder and harder to live life without Oz trying to get in your home, computer, business, or your pocketbook. I feel like I am in a nightmare when I think of all the legislation they force on us Munchkins (aka “Little People”). The NDAA and the TSA are prime examples; they can pick you up simply for speaking out against tyranny in American Oz. They try daily to institute some type of “reform”, whether it’s Internet or gun control versus the UN.  They   dream up daily assaults against real America, aimed at every niche of our way of living free. Whether it’s an alleged “War on Women” or a ‘War on Christmas”, it is all aimed at controlling and homogenizing us into this American Oz where they’re trying to eliminate all traces of Truth, Liberty and Justice for all.

The irony is that ‘We the Citizens’ are treated with less respect and benefits than those committing crimes inside our government.  We pay their salaries and yet we are the ones getting a raw deal.  The criminals holding the purse strings want to decimate the citizens paying for American Oz things like road repairs and healthcare “reform” (which mostly seems like an attempt to kill us off as a means of thanking us for our good citizenship).

Empty promises, back door secret meetings and shady deals go on behind that curtain. None of it is really for our promised good—none of it meant to help us get back home to our “shining city on the hill”.

American OZ has only destructive power in “real” America so since we have no Good Fairy to help us in this version of Oz we need to make our own pair of “ruby slippers”.  We need to March to DC in our new red shoes and loudly, collectively click our heels!

But if you ask me, I honestly think Kansas is gone now and I don’t know where we’ll end up. We’ve been hit with too many Flying Monkeys; too many Wicked Witches; too much useless legislative debris flying at us on a daily basis, littering our lives.

Maybe we will all end up like Sandy victims, waiting and waiting for help that has no intention of helping or coming to our rescue.  Of course in the meantime while we wait, the American Oz media will spin some new stories for us.

Well, this Dorothy is going to try to maintain her own freedom fight. This Dorothy is tired of all the manufactured “truth” in the media. I’m clicking my heels now, remembering America’s former strength and grace and ideals.  I am clicking and shouting out loud, “There’s no place like our American home!”

And if you ever do see that Good Fairy again, tell her I am in the Real America waiting for her to give us a hand.

Lisa Marie Allen

Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

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