The Bright Side of Defeat

I have poured myself into this election like none other in the past. Sleepless nights, angry people on the phones, time I could have spent with my children, blood, sweat, and tears. All of this energy spent in anticipation of a huge victory last night. Disappointed does not begin to describe it. I was feeling quite defeated this morning, but those that know me know what a positive person I am. I am an even-keeled, roll-with-the-punches, looks at the bright side kind of person. I know; you are sitting there thinking, what could possibly be positive about this? Fact is, I had to look pretty hard, but there are a few things.

In two short years, we have a shot at taking over the Senate and retaining control in the House. But we must work hard – harder than ever before. We cannot stop. We cannot back down. We cannot concede. We cannot be silent. We must call out the Senators and Representatives when they do not serve America’s best interests. We have to step it up even more and we have to start NOW. If you have a conservative Senator or Representative – WORK like you never have to help them retain their seats. If you have a liberal Senator or Representative, work with your local GOP committee to help find and elect a conservative candidate that will serve the interests of your state and our country.

In four years, we’ll have another shot at the Presidency. We MUST fix the GOP or get our act together – we must get them to listen to US, their supporters. We must get them to find candidates who are truly conservative and who will give us what we need most in this country. And one thing is for certain; Obama will NOT be the candidate for the next Presidential election.

On a State level, here in West Virginia, conservatives won big last night. The West Virginia GOP released a media alert last night that showed our strength here: “The West Virginia Republican Party will have more Delegates and Statewide elected officeholders than any year in the last 80 years.”

West Virginia Republican Chairman Conrad Lucas said:

“We gave folks tremendous choices up and down the ballot. Tonight, we added at least ten new Delegates, three new State Senators and elected the first Republican attorney general since 1928 in Patrick Morrisey. Allen Loughry is exactly the kind of man this state deserves on our highest court.”

I could not be more proud of my state than I am right now. On a local level, we had a mixed bag of wins and losses, but I was so proud of each and every Republican candidate – they all ran great campaigns.

Folks, this fight is not over. The battle may be ‘lost’, but we are still in it to win the war for our country. We have to get back to our founding principles. We have to. Our country will be lost forever if we allow them to slip away. We must continue to fight. For me personally, I am taking a few days to recharge and regroup and then I am in it full force for the next election. I will keep speaking out on the issues, I will keep researching legislation, and I will keep up this fight. Will you join me? Will you stand beside me and stand up for our Constitution and our great country?





Karen O'Day

Karen O'Day is a Christian, homeschooling mom to three children and a concerned parent turned political activist. Karen holds two degrees in business and is active in Conservative politics. Educating apathetic people about our country's history, its founders, and the Constitution are areas in which she is particularly attentive to. Karen can be found on Facebook: and on twitter @KarenODay

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