Sharpton: Can We Call HIM a Racist Now?

This week, as the Allen West and Patrick Murphy saga unfolded in south Florida, many people and organizationscame out in defense of Congressman West.  This because of all the obvious irregularities with the election process in Florida District 18; everything from website failures to blank memory cards.  However, it came as a huge surprise when a report on MSNBC said that Rev. Al Sharpton’s organization, National Action Network, was going to come out in DEFENSE of the West/Murphy recount.

Could it be?  Is a prominent organization within the black community actually going to stand up for a black conservative as they have refused to do so many times in the past?  Yeah, no.
On Wednesday, National Action Network, issued this statement:

Reverend Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network (NAN) and host of PoliticsNation on MSNBC, says he is supporting NAN’s St. Lucie, Florida, Chapter in calling for integrity in the local elections and a recount in the Mayor’s race, but opposes a recount in the Allen West/Patrick Murphy race.

According to Rev. Sharpton: “We want to see the integrity of the election process upheld on a local level but we unilaterally oppose a recount in the national race. Clearly, Representative-Elect Murphy’s lead over Congressman Allen West is way outside the margin to justify a recount. NAN supports the local chapter led by Rev. William Richardson, III and others in calling for a full recount in the local St. Lucie County Mayor’s race as we have spent months calling attention to irregularities and suppression in Florida. However, the local legitimacy of voter protection should not be overshadowed by a national race unworthy of a recount.”

So they are against a recount in the West/Murphy race, where after a retabulation of part of the early votes last Sunday, it was shown that Congressman West had a net gain of 535 votes. However, they support a recount in a race where the candidate in question lost a mere 50 votes.
Their statement also said that they don’t support a recount for the West/Murphy race because Patrick Murphy’s lead is “way outside the margin” for a recount.  The difference in the West/Murphy race was .57%, just .07 percentage points outside of the full recount guidelines.  Since when does .07 percentage points constitute a difference WAY outside the margin?  Especially considering that the percentage difference in the mayoral race was .44% – a mere .13 percentage points different than the West/Murphy race.  Apparently, to the National Action Network, .13% is a HUGE difference.
I contacted the National Action Network to ask them why they had come out in support of a black Democrat and not a black Republican, but I have as of yet to receive a reply.
This statement by the National Action Network does little more than confirm the bias that is shown against black conservatives all around the country. Their statement also reaffirms the belief that it is the liberal left’s goal to keep all conservative black politicians out of Congress, so that they can continue to control the black community’s vote.

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