Sex, Lies and Benghazi

You couldn’t make this stuff up.  If a Hollywood producer pitched this scenario to a studio they would say that it was too crazy to be believed, yet here we are, once again embroiled in a scandal involving our government at the highest levels.

Isn’t it funny how the media just wasn’t interested in the Benghazi story at all until sex was injected into it?  They just looked the other way when lies were paraded out to the American people day after day.  The story just wasn’t of interest to them at all.  The deaths of an American Ambassador and three other brave Americans just didn’t rise to the level for any of them (except Fox news, Breitbart and The Blaze) to give the story any ink or airtime.

That is, until the explosive bombshell that one of our most decorated and respected military generals had an (gasp) affair!  All of a sudden they were falling all over themselves to get at every juicy morsel!  They couldn’t wait to delve into every salacious detail, salivating over Paula Broadwell and her relationship with the General.  Every story was about where, when and how they met, how she traveled with him to Afghanistan to do research for her book, what people were whispering and who knew what.

Then, it gets even better.  We find out the whistle-blower on this whole thing is another woman who has had a little more than a few cozy relationships with some high-powered Generals.

What has gotten lost in this whole debacle is the fact that we have lost sight of what the real story is.  The question of why our fellow Americans were allowed to be murdered on 9/11, who was in control of the decisions, who made the choice not to send support to our people and why the lies kept coming and coming even when we all knew the truth.

At this point the sex scandal and the destroying of an American hero are still making headlines.  In an embarrassing press conference on Wednesday, the press corps bowed and scraped to the President and never pressed him on any of the details of the Benghazi attack.  Only Ed Henry hit him with a tough question and he danced around it with his usual five-minute answer that didn’t say anything!  This is disgraceful and frankly disturbing.  We have a cover-up that makes Watergate look like child’s play.

So, will the questions ever be asked?  Will the truth ever come out?  How far will the White House go to suppress the real story of what happened on 9/11?  I hope that General Petraeus will tell the truth; but then how can he when he parroted the story about the video on Sept. 12th?  Was he lying then or is he lying now?  The whole point is that this administration wants him to be boxed in so that he can’t tell the truth.

You can’t tell me that Obama didn’t know about this affair long ago and just kept it in his pocket to use at some future date.  The lie about just finding out about it after the election is so ridiculous that it defies credulity.

I believe Paula Broadwell’s father who has said that there is much more to this story than what we see.  I believe that.  It could be anything from holding Libyan prisoners to supplying weapons, but there is something serious that they don’t want us to know.  Why else would Ambassador Steven’s cries for help not be heard, why would the Embassy not be secured after numerous attacks and threats to it?  Why would they let these people die?

I hope that there are enough strong members of Congress that will be pit bulls on this subject and not let it go.  We need to know the truth, whatever it is, and we can’t let the media distract us with a sex filled “reality show”.

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Morgan Brittany

PolitiChicks National Spokesperson and co-owner Morgan Brittany has been a film, television and stage actress for over 50 years. She began her career as a child appearing in the films "The Birds", "Gypsy" and "Yours, Mine and Ours". She appeared in over 150 television shows and became a member of the cast of the enormously successful show "Dallas". Morgan spent 10 years raising money for the March of Dimes as a celebrity ambassador and national spokesperson. She has been married for 31 years and has 2 children. In 2001, she became one of the first openly outspoken conservatives in Hollywood. She has appeared many times on Sean Hannity's Great American Panel for Fox News, Dennis Miller's television show, and many conservative radio programs across the country. Morgan now spends much of her time devoted to military organizations and other conservative causes. Her greatest passion is speaking on behalf of the greatness of America. You can find Morgan on Facebook and Twitter: @MorganBrittany4 and her fan page:

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