Obama’s Apathetic Work Force

In today’s economy, jobs are a precious commodity.  With almost 8% of Americans out of work nationally, and 14.5% unemployed or underemployed – America’s job future is bleak – or so it would seem.

Recently, I have noticed a new and odd occurrence – help wanted signs!  Everywhere I have gone in recent weeks, I have seen these signs.  From landscaping companies, to retail stores, to restaurants, to construction companies and everything in between.  This even though the unemployment rate in our county stands at over 10%!

What is the reason for this odd disconnect?  The greater availability of welfare, unemployment benefits, food stamps, and medicaid.  The expansion of our federal welfare programs has spawned the creation of an apathetic work force.

My husband works for a construction company here in south Florida.  After weathering a difficult few years, the company has seen a definite turn around.  One reason is because they were able to stand through the storm when other companies couldn’t, and also because we live in an affluent area where the wealthy have decided that they have waited long enough to start building their homes and businesses.

Since his company’s business has picked up, they have had to hire people- lots of people.  However, what they have found is that even though people may say they want a job, as soon as these people realize they actually have to work, they quit.  Why would anyone quit a good paying job in the middle of today’s job market? Because they have realized that they can stay at home and do nothing and live almost the same type of lifestyle on the government’s (our tax dollars) dime.

These individuals may not have as much spending money, but they can get housing assistance, food stamps, cell phones, health insurance, and cash assistance for little or nothing in return.  No physical labor, no taxes to pay, no responsibility of any type and for many that is much more appealing than the pride of making your way in life.

The story of my husband’s company is not an unusual one in the area where we live.  All types of companies are facing this same dilemma.  Their business is picking up but they are unable to find workers to fill or stay in the positions they are offering.  Individuals have lost the sense of self-pride that comes with earning a day’s wage – they would rather take the ease and convenience of government dependency. They don’t even care that they will never have the chance to advance beyond their current situation because their basic (or not so basic) needs are met and that is all they care about.

This is the type of society that we see in socialist countries.  Poor or down and out individuals become dependent on the government for everything so they feel helpless without the government. As freedom loving, hard working Americans we look at these societies and think why aren’t these people fighting back?  Why are they allowing the government to control them?  We now know the answer – because it is happening right next door.

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