Mamas Don’t Let your Babies Grow Up To Be Liberal

It’s that time to start thinking about how we are going to keep Americans voting ‘for America.’  I grew up in a house where we were taught to love the American flag, and respect it.  I’ll always remember my Dad telling me that if I came home with anyone who had the American flag sewn into the crotch of their pants or on their behind, his big number 12 foot would kick them to the curb.  I believed him and I never tried it.

I recall vividly as a child hearing many stories told in our house about American History, politicians, wars, and patriotism.  I always thought everyone else learned these things and everyone else was surely as committed to the Red White and Blue as my Dad.  I think in those days Americans were more patriotic and were raised to have a love for our country.  But something happened.  Maybe it’s as simple as prayer being removed from schools, atheists fighting to remove ‘under God’ from out pledge, and the cross being removed from public view.  God has in fact been removed from almost all segments of public life.   We’ve been inundated with political correctness and the word ‘tolerance’.  We’ve been told if we are not understanding of everything everyone and every group wants, then we are not compassionate, haters and racists.  What has happened to our Country?

Parents, we must remember Ronald Reagan’s words:

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”  

Freedom is indeed never more than one generation away from extinction and for a nation to hold onto it’s freedom we must have patriotism.  Many young people are not only uneducated in American history, and many seem to be more anti-American than pro-American.  Surely the young people carrying Chi flags during the Occupy Movement don’t truly understand what that man represented. So why is it that many of America’s young people (and even some middle age and older) seem to have lost their patriotism?  Is it because we have allowed liberals to control the way our textbooks are written and that liberal teachers are teaching only from their viewpoint?  Are they willfully leaving out the part about forefathers sacrificing everything for our freedom?  Are they leaving out how many soldiers have gone to war, lived in horrible conditions and eventually lost their lives for our very freedom?  Or is it also that we as parents have failed to instill in our children the same values that our parents and some teachers tried to instill in us?

I believe in giving credit where credit is due so I also have to be willing to take responsibility where it is due.  I admit in my house I somehow believed that all the values I held dear, including patriotism, would just be handed down to my children, “in the bloodstream” as President Reagan said.  It never occurred to me that I really should spend a lot of extra time talking to them about patriotism, our forefathers, American history, wars, the Star Spangled Banner, the same way I discussed science and math with them.  I’ve learned that we can never take anything for granted, especially something as important as our freedom.

So in the past few years I’ve discussed America and politics more with my children than in all the previous years combined.  Believe me, when I’m gone they are always going to remember Mom the Patriot, Mom, the warrior woman fighting communism and the Islamization of America.  They may even engrave it on my tombstone! But when I am gone, I hope I will have taught them the importance of standing up for what we believe in.  I want them to know that it is always right to fight for freedom, to fight for the United States of America, the land of opportunity and the most exceptional nation in the world!

So parents, if you still have children under your roof I hope you will initiate conversations with them about America, our forefathers, our Veterans, and our military serving today.  Teach them the importance of protecting and preserving the freedom that so much blood has been shed for.  If I could go back I wouldn’t just read kids books about Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, I would read books about our Forefathers and how America came to be, and all the subsequent years and battles fought to maintain our freedom!  Along with singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’, I would also sing “America the Beautiful’ and ‘God Bless America’.  I would be sure that we went all out celebrating the 4th of July and that they knew the meaning of other days in history that profoundly effected America.

It’s never too early to start teaching our children, and it’s never too late.  We teach them everyday by how we live our lives.  So now that Election Day has passed, let’s commit to be the person who makes a difference in our family and community.  Let’s learn and teach.  That way, Mamas, our babies won’t grow up to be liberals!

Brenda Collins Morris

Georgia PolitiChick Brenda Collins Morris is a military wife, mom, conservative, proud unapologetic American! She has campaigned for conservative candidates, supports the Wounded Warrior Project, and served on a Critical Incident Response Team assisting people in the aftermath of tragedies such as 9/11. Brenda believes our Constitution is disregarded as Progressives, through the Democrat Party, strive to establish Socialism in America. She also believes our national security is being threatened by radical Islam, which is infiltrating the highest levels of our government, financial and educational institutions. Brenda says just as President Reagan believed in 'peace through strength' she believes we need leadership in a Washington D.C. that believes in and supports that principle, as well as respect and protect the interests of our military members and their families. Brenda's father is a WWII Veteran, and she believes our military deserve our gratitude and respect. Brenda was born and raised in Kentucky and currently resides in Georgia.

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