If Romney Wins, What Are We Going To Do?

For four long years, my online Patriot friends and I have made fun, told jokes, cried, gnashed our teeth and, at times, have torn our hair out. We have a lot of memories dissing the man who dissed us.  We got lots of mileage out of his bowing and insults. Lots of funny jokes and pictures and rowdy gut-splitting howls with laughter; tears from pictures of our First (No) Lady and her vacation antics, horrible ‘couture’ outfits and her ‘gardening’ in full make-up with a perfect manicure and not a speck of dirt on her from the White House garden. We had daily examples of how much they didn’t like us and how they weren’t proud as representatives of the greatest country in the world. It was so sad and pathetic; we had to laugh to keep our sanity in the four years of liberal madness.

On the other hand, we love the style and class Ann and Mitt have. They exude nonchalance and humbleness. Ann Romney would honestly look good in a flour sack even if her hair weren’t perfectly brushed and Mitt has that “I can get my hands dirty if I need to” look.  There is no changing of Mitt’s dialect or inflection when he speaks to differing crowds; he doesn’t put on his “folksy voice” for some folk, and his lecturing “pointy mode” for others. He doesn’t talk down to us and I will be so happy to hear him speak for the next four years. Mitt will never speak of something like ‘revenge ’; it isn’t in him to be vengeful.

We never had that with the (hopefully) soon to be previous occupants. Everything has been a carefully staged and carefully photo-shopped photo op for the Obama’s. There was no sincerity–no humility, and so many things that the Obama’s did to were seemingly to shame us citizens.  And in my opinion, there has been no real “Christianity” observed throughout the past four years of the Obama administration (unless the guest speaker at their church was a Muslim Imam…).  I remember an interview when Obama told folks that he and his daughters do not give presents for Christmas. That was strange to me–Christians who don’t do Christmas?  It has been four years since we’ve seen a White House Christmas tree tour on TV and the lack of celebration and joy of the Christmas holiday was what gave it away to me.  I don’t remember Obama ever wishing his people a ‘ Merry Christmas’ although he did host many Ramadan dinners and a Muslim prayer partner in the White House.

So if Mitt wins we will have at least a few less people to disrespect in Washington for a while and instead we will have a man of honor and truth in the White House. We will have an authentic, faithful man, one who is honorable and adult; a man who honors God first and a man who honors his vows and America. Romney as president can make us strong by giving honor and pride back to ‘WE THE PEOPLE ’.  We will have a man who will respect the right of others to observe their religious choices, without disrespecting our Christian culture.  There will be no pretense of being a believer from Mitt; his Faith is genuine and his love of America is genuine.

I don’t think we have to worry about Mitt telling Muslims they are “Patriots” like Obama did with Huma Abedin, aide to Hillary Clinton, at his Ramadan dinner.  I don’t think Mitt will appoint Muslim Brotherhood members top-secret clearance to DHS. I don’t think Mitt would allow U.S. ambassadors to be senselessly, helplessly killed and I don’t think Mitt would call Fort Hood “workplace violence”.  We won’t need to make fun of Romney as president because he is already modest and self –deprecatory.  He won’t disrespect our military or us and we won’t disrespect him for honoring us.

So if Mitt wins, what are we gonna do?

We are going to have trust in our government for a change.  We’ll of course have to stay on our toes and make sure he doesn’t embarrass us, but I don’t think he will.  Basically we will need to remind a President Romney of all the things we want UN- done and I have a feeling he’ll listen and that he’ll accomplish what’s best for our freedoms granted in the Constitution.  We will need to focus on the progressives and communists that we need to get out of office and we’ll need to make sure we justice prevails for the crimes that have been committed—including the crimes of not guarding our borders, Fast & Furious, and now Benghazi.

We have a lot to do if we are going to help.  No one listened to or respected us for four years so I imagine we need to do like Mitt–roll up our sleeves and patiently, quietly and prayerfully get started in achieving success with the help of God because God willing, Mitt will defeat our dis-respecter, and we can then restore the Republic!



Lisa Marie Allen

Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

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