America and Venezuela: A Similar Path

Earlier this month just, before the Venezuelan presidential elections, I read several articles outlining the candidates.  The race was between Hugo Chavez, the fierce and divisive Socialist dictator who has been in office for 13 years, and Henrique Caprilles Radonski, the young, up and coming politician with a message of “change”.

Although neither man could be considered conservative in his views, Chavez controls his countries affairs with an iron fist whereas his opponent wanted to see a change in how the government is operated.

The articles said that although Radonski was doing well in the polls and had made huge strides with working class individuals, Chavez still controlled the poor population (and most likely the election outcome) thanks to his expansive socialists programs, which included everything from free health care to gas subsidies to free government housing.

These poor individuals in Venezuela didn’t care if they had any freedoms or any chance of ever succeeding in life, or if the government controlled every aspect of their lives, because they thought that the government made their lives better.  Chavez controlled their vote because in their minds he was their “Jesus.”

On Election Day, Chavez reigned victorious and the citizens of Venezuela, once again, lost any hope of freedom.

When I read these articles, I saw some eerie and striking similarities to America and the direction America is headed.  President Obama is creating a class of dependent individuals who feel like they need the government simply to survive.

I have met individuals who, although they don’t agree with much of what Obama has done, feel that President Obama cares about them and their needs.  They have bought into the lies being sold by the liberal left that Republicans don’t care about them and that voting for Mitt Romney would destroy their livelihood.  In other words, they have become dependent on the government and don’t think they could survive if their government programs were taken away.

Obama has purchased the poor and lower-middle class with our money!

President Obama and the liberal left know that if they can make enough people dependent on the government, and to look to the government as their savior, they can control whatever they want in America– as long as the government supports them “just enough”.

Who cares if President Obama is a liar, or if he is taking away our freedoms, or if he is making America a less safe place to live; as long as he keeps the foods stamps and free health care rolling, he is golden to his followers.

President Obama also knows that if he can get elected for another term, he will be allowed to do whatever he deems necessary to make America the socialist society he desires.  He will have no reelection campaign to worry about; no need to pretend that he is willing to work on both sides of the aisle, no pretenses that he really is a capitalist.  A second term for Obama is a free pass to abuse his executive power in anyway he chooses.

Don’t think it’s possible?  Just look at his first term record:

  • The start to a socialist health care system.
  • Huge growth in welfare programs.
  • Control of the auto industry.
  • Strict regulation of the banking system.
  • Appointments of countless unelected “czars”.
  • Catering to socialist and communist countries.

The list could go on and on. However, combined with President Obama’s “unofficial” control of the mainstream media, the public’s ability to put all the pieces together has been compromised.

If you are an undecided voter who has been fooled by the media’s lies about Obama, I hope that you will finally be able see the truth for what it is and not what the media tells you it is.

Our choice is clear.  We can either follow the path we are currently on and continue our descent into a socialist republic or we can change course, make a 180 degree turn, and head back towards the principles of freedom that our country was founded on.  The choice is yours.  Choose wisely.

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