The Gloves Are Off, Obama!

Have you ever known a person that acts one way in front of certain people and then another way in front of others? They learn how to become “chameleon like” depending on the circumstances or the audience around them.

Today the nation saw the “chameleon” showing his true colors in a video in which the 2007 Presidential candidate Barack Obama was honoring his mentor, the one, the only Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

You remember him, don’t you—that infamous “@#$ Damn America” preacher who spews division, racism and hate in the name of God from his pulpit?  Looks like Obama took notes during the sermons of his pastor of 20+ years, although in the eyes of many Americans those sermons would be called Anti-American, Anti-White, Anti-God, Anti-Government and Anti-Semitic!

In the 2007 video, shot at Hampton University in Virginia, then-candidate Barack Obama tells an audience of mostly black ministers—including Rev. Wright–that the U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims because of “racism”.

“The people down in New Orleans, they don’t care about as much!” Obama shouts in the video.  He adds that by contrast, survivors of 9/11 and Hurricane Andrew received “generous amounts of aid”.  The reason, according to Obama, was because unlike residents of mostly-black New Orleans, the federal government considered victims of other tragedies “part of the American family.”

Does this not sound like the pot calling the kettle black? Does this not sound like the “divisiveness” Obama is always blaming on Conservatives, mixed with the angry tones of a deep-seated racism that Obama now tries to hide from the rest of the world? Does this not sound like racism directed at any and all cultures other than blacks?

Of course it does and it is what it is! If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck then obviously it is a duck! If Obama looks racist, walks like a racist and talks like a racist then obviously he is a racist! His speech resembled many prior sermons that Rev. Jeremiah Wright has given to his mostly black audiences.

Obama’s accent even changed in the video, from a tone of professionalism to downright ghetto! This is not the Barack Obama that he wants the world to see and this is proof by the way the Left has been so quick to dismiss the video.  They are currently claiming that the Right is using the video to try to undermine the election on the day of the first Presidential debate.

President Obama promised “change” to Americans.  Did he mean “change” in the way the chameleon changes his color depending on his environment?  And does he play the “black” card and the “white” card when it obviously benefits him?  The answer is “YES” he does! The proof is in the pudding and the world saw it magnified in this video!

Is this the “change” he promised when he said he would be a “man that could build bridges between ethnic groups”? Or is this the “change” he intended in following in the footsteps of his mentors Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and card-carrying communist Frank Marshal Davis?

In the video, Barack Obama is definitely playing the “black card” to his almost all black audience when he describes a racist, zero-sum society in which the white majority profits by “exploiting” black America.

Did President Obama adopt his ideology from Frank Marshall Davis, who he repeatedly refers to as “Frank” in his memoir, Dreams from My Father?  One must note that Frank Marshal Davis was “a key member of a Soviet-controlled network that was sponsored by Moscow and active in Hawaii.”  Is this the ideology that we are facing for the next four years if Barack Obama wins the election?  Think back over the last four years and it will become clear to you that in fact this is absolutely the ideology that Barack Obama believes in and is trying to implement in America! He must be stopped before he turns friends against friends, neighbor against neighbor, family against family and the rest of the world against the United States of America!

On May 28th 2008 Ben Giles, a journalist, interviewed Cliff Kincaid, founder and President of America’s Survival, Inc. During this interview Kincaid continually expressed concern for the media coverage of Obama. He stated;

We have no political agenda; we’re trying to get information out on any political candidate who may have links to potentially hostile foreign elements. In the case of Obama, who is new on the political scene, in my view, the media have not done an adequate job in investigating this information.”

Max Friedman, who assisted Cliff Kincaid in his investigations of Chicago, added, “Let’s say that the research on Obama is not finished!”

The research may not be finished but the Truth always comes out eventually. Obama can’t hide or cover-up everything. He can’t hide the racist roots that run deep in his veins because his skin is way too thin for that! Obama will be remembered as the President that tried to divide America with racist tones and angry words.

So the gloves are off, President Obama! Americans are color blind and they are not the Americans you want everyone to believe. Your off the cuff remarks have given the world a vision of your racist ideology and Anti-American, Anti-White, Anti-God, Anti-Government and Anti-Semitic sentiments. Americans have always stood ready to fight for their country and today we stand ready to fight against your racist undertones. President Barack Obama, you have been a good student and you have made your mentors proud….and frankly, you make Americans like me sick!

Here is the Daily Caller video in full: 

Shannon Carpenter Rodgers is owner of S.C. Construction and Shannon Carpenter LLC, DBA Classy-Cleaning. She is H.U.B certified and is only the 4th woman to be certified as a Kitchen Exhaust Specialist in the State of Texas. For over 8 years she worked in Law Enforcement and Juvenile Corrections. She was President of her Police Academy and graduated with a 4.0 and salutatorian of her class.  Shannon also holds three Lightweight Titles for women’s boxing in West Texas.

Ann-Marie Murrell

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