Obama’s Tactics Are Sending Women Running to Romney

Have you ever felt more important in your whole life?  We women are now the focus of every major political conversation out there.  We ladies are the distraction that Obama needs to keep people from asking questions about Benghazi.  He also knows that without us, he is toast on November 6th.  Pretty good position to be in, huh?

At first glance we should be flattered that we are being courted so aggressively, but like all courtships, we have to look deeper into the motive of our suitor. We all know that when a man needs and wants us he will do whatever it takes to win us over.  He will tell us what we want to hear, flatter us, promise us the moon and denigrate the other guy who also has his sights set on winning us over.

Obama and his campaign know this and they have their eyes on the prize:  the female vote.

The one thing they didn’t take into consideration though is that they are not dealing with women who are helpless little lambs that will believe everything they say and will follow them anywhere.  Oh no, we are crafty foxes and they underestimate us at their peril.

We women are not so naïve that we don’t know what the Democrats are doing.  How condescending is it that they think the only things that matter to us are getting free birth control and abortion on demand?  Every new ad targeting women tries to mislead and frighten us into believing that our rights are going to be taken away from us if Romney becomes President.  They certainly get the right people to do these ads; airhead actresses; most of them with less than stellar track records when it comes to morality anyway.  Who thinks that anyone will even listen to what they have to say?  We women are insulted by that.

I don’t know about you, but I am ticked off and insulted that an entire political party thinks that we women are nothing but a giant uterus!

Seriously, if someone had been in suspended animation for the past 50 or 60 years and watched the political ads from the Democrat side you wouldn’t think that women had advanced at all!  It would look like we didn’t care about anything except from the waist down! The way that the Democrats see us is disgraceful.  What?  They don’t think that we care about the fiscal cliff that is coming in January?  The rising cost of food and gas?  A good education and a future for our children?  Good jobs and good pay after we put in years to get a degree?

Obama and the Democrats actually believe that we will not vote for Romney because he is going to defund “Big Bird”!!!! Or that, gasp! he had a “binder” full of qualified women to look through when he was hiring.  No mention of the fact that we WILL vote for Romney because he lays out the facts of the economy to us, includes us in the conversation about deficit reduction and makes us feel more safe and secure from terror attacks.  He speaks to us about issues that matter, he treats us like adults and equals.

Romney realizes that we understand where the future of this country is headed with another four years of Obama.  He talks to us candidly about tough decisions on health care and entitlements. He feels and understands the feelings of every mother who sends her son or daughter off to war.  He knows the gravity of war and the threat of terrorism that is facing us and I believe that women can sense that he is genuine.  Our gut instinct is pushing us away from the false promises of Obama and toward the solid solutions of Romney.

Another thing that has me turned off to the Democrats is the way that they use Hillary Clinton as a doormat.  Don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of hers, we are polar opposites, but the way that she has been used to shield Obama from this Benghazi mess is disgraceful.  The same can be said for UN Ambassador Susan Rice whom they paraded out to lie for them.  All women should be offended by these actions by the Obama administration.  He wasn’t man enough to take responsibility for this debacle so he sent the women out to cover for him.  Hillary Clinton looked like the only adult in the room.

The bottom line is that Obama is losing women in droves.  We are finding out that all of the beautiful promises and slick talk is hollow and empty. We realize that once he gets our vote he will leave us in the dust and find some other focus.  We gave him his shot, he had four years to prove that what he was selling was true and he came up short. So that’s it.  Game over Obama, you had your chance and we’re moving on.


































Morgan Brittany

PolitiChicks National Spokesperson and co-owner Morgan Brittany has been a film, television and stage actress for over 50 years. She began her career as a child appearing in the films "The Birds", "Gypsy" and "Yours, Mine and Ours". She appeared in over 150 television shows and became a member of the cast of the enormously successful show "Dallas". Morgan spent 10 years raising money for the March of Dimes as a celebrity ambassador and national spokesperson. She has been married for 31 years and has 2 children. In 2001, she became one of the first openly outspoken conservatives in Hollywood. She has appeared many times on Sean Hannity's Great American Panel for Fox News, Dennis Miller's television show, and many conservative radio programs across the country. Morgan now spends much of her time devoted to military organizations and other conservative causes. Her greatest passion is speaking on behalf of the greatness of America. You can find Morgan on Facebook and Twitter: @MorganBrittany4 and her fan page: MorganBrittany.com

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