My Hubby Says I’m a Radical

Maybe because I am trying to be a voice in the American wilderness I am a radical compared to most. I detest untruths and falsehoods as well as the supporters of both. I do not want to associate with liars and dividers of races so that being said I told my husband I did not want to spend five minutes with any Democrat (aka Progressive/left-wing lib). If that is a radical, I will take that title with a big smile on my face.

I had one acquaintance get huffy when I said I didn’t want to even know any Democrats. This guy took that very personally but I simply cannot understand why someone remains in the party of CPUSA (Communist Party USA), wanting to literally and figuratively lay down with dirty, sleazy, lying dogs.  Take for example the recent Democratic “convention” circus led by Ringmaster Bill Clinton, that cigar molester of interns who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “IS” is; Debbie Wasserman Schultz the yippy snarling Obama lapdog; Clown Joe Biden, the fool behind the #1 fool; the Queen of Idiocy, Madame Pelosi, who can’t seem to recognize who We the People are, and of course Harry “the Greedster” Reid, the evil worm of a suit and mouthpiece for Obama and the far left.  This is the Party that could not bring itself to condemn Anthony Weiner and his WeinerGate photos. If you pull a voting lever for any one of these swine, you are just as guilty as them for their lying, thieving, traitorous, sneaky crimes against the American people.

My offended acquaintance is still thinking Democrats are like his daddy’s Democrats of the 1960’s. I told him I am not condemning the “Old-school” Dems, but I do condemn folks for remaining with them when extreme corruption and special privileges rules the Democrats in power today. Today’s Dems are very much like the Occupy Wall Street folks, the “pay me to vote because the government owes me” types.

And don’t think I don’t condemn the Republicans too, because I do! There is pure greed and selfish evil on both sides of the aisles in Congress!

I was a registered Independent voter for many years and I tend to vote for whoever the best man is. I voted the first time for Ronald Reagan; my mother and I supported Mitt Romney when he ran for Governor in Massachusetts.

My acquaintance claimed I wanted to take away rights, which is unbelievable to me because that’s exactly what I’m fighting so hard for—to retain rights for all U.S. citizens!  Yes it is still a free country, but that does not mean we cannot call out misdeeds and wrong thinking.

Maybe if more folks had spoken out about Castro he might not be in power today. I believe in it is wrong to side with Fascists and I wish Democrats would look into their hearts–guided by a sense of what is truly decent–and just and see which side they should be on instead of simply voting the way their parents did. Where is the outrage on the Democrat side?  Are they not as angry about the current conditions in America as I am?

I was told by my acquaintance to be “more open minded”. Well, if a liberal’s mind is made up after all you have seen and observed I remain convinced that I do not need to be friends with any liberals. Libs/ progressives/ Democrats certainly don’t ever think they need to be more “open minded” about our values, thoughts or opinions.  When talking to us, they steam roll their propaganda, use a few choice adjectives, and usually end with cursing and name-calling.

So instead of trying to befriend any liberals, I will pour my energy into the Romney campaign and working to defeat evil and fascism.  Besides, hanging around liberals is draining.  Even THINKING about opening your mind to them is depressing, full of darkness and lies. I have had 3 ½ years of lies and as far as I am concerned I have been hardboiled by Obama and Michelle, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Rahm, Holder and all the rest.

So if you are a liberal and reading this now, consider this a heads-up that I am not listening to you due to time constraints at least until after November. If that is radical, so be it! I feel so much better.  Sigh!



Lisa Marie Allen

Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

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