If You Love $$$ in Your PURSES…

I love to shop, but with all the financial anxiety and economic uncertainty I stay out of stores except for groceries. I still love new clothes, hair appointments, manicures, and pedicures.  I love Christmas and giving gifts and having parties and going out to dinner. But being a prudent person, I can’t justify doing any of those things anymore. What used to cost my hubby $80 to travel to the Bay Area now costs him $150. There went my hair appointment ~ sucked into the Obamasphere~ SWOOSH! GONE!

Don’t get me wrong; I still groom myself.  Before you imagine me to be a hairy, stinky, crusty, dried up old prune sans products, razors haven’t gone up that much (yet).  It’s just that I am becoming more Buddhist about what really is needed in my life.  I have a lifetime supply of shampoos in my bathroom. I save on body wash when I find Philosophy at TJ Maxx. I have cut down to mineral makeup; no more Chanel.  Any “money to burn” is gone as far as I am concerned and I get by with less because I am forced to.  It isn’t as though I am completely deprived, but I am definitely more frugal and more conscious about what I truly require. I am less inclined to buy the advertising pitches that say, “You really need this, lady!”

The only clothing item I have recently purchased is a Halloween Indian Princess costume. I plan on wearing it at least twice, unless we have a Revolution and then I’ll wear it during that, too; maybe it will give me some tribal sovereignty rights when they drag me to my FEMA camp bunk.

This economy definitely has me doing things very differently. I cut up the charge card and paid it off. Groceries are up, so I eat less. Booze is up, so I drink less.  (I am still waiting for the health benefits to kick in from my new regiment, by the way….)  While prices go UP, everything else has LESSENED in my life except the scale and Congress’ spending.

I was looking at new purses at TJ Maxx the other day but didn’t buy one; I am only buying absolute necessities. I am wearing my old clothes, using my old purses and my old shoes.  It reminds me of when I was in my twenties when Reagan became President, after Carter and his policies sunk us into an abysmal economy. I can recall drooling as I passed the steaks in the meat section and had to buy eggs instead. The economy wasn’t good then, yet I survived it. I wore more clothes instead of turning up the heat in my apartment. I was working full time and making do with what I had. It certainly didn’t hurt me then and because of those days, I know how to cut back now. But I don’t think my cutting back is helping the overall economic picture; I am just one woman who is making do and I don’t think I am alone here.  I’ll bet a lot of women are going to Salvation Army for the kids’ costumes this year. Kids won’t die from wearing a hand-me-down any more than Congress will drop dead from eating eggs instead of steak in the Congressional Cafeteria (NOT that that would ever happen).

A lot of the younger generation haven’t seen this variety of economic times. They have never seen the gasoline lines in the late ‘70’s when cars were lined up for blocks to get a fill up.  When you wonder what will happen next, all you have to do is think about what came after Carter’s presidency:  Inflation on all consumer goods. Then came the high interest rates with 20% interest to buy a house.  Yes, 20%!  Houses were cheaper then, but with interest rates like that they became very expensive very quickly.  When you combine instability in the economy with prices constantly going up, it only adds to uncertainty and anxiety.

Only .08% of Obama’s advisers come from the business segment; all are from the elite erudite world of Ivy League college campuses. Most of them never had to truly survive on their own; doors were opened for them either by privilege or some quota needed.

Which reminds me–we really need change right now and that change is not more Obama!  A vote for four more years of this current president will mean more and more of my empty old purses, old shoes, old everything. We cannot legislate an economy into prosperity without good jobs and a good economy. We cannot give away our prosperity and “share any pie” if we can’t afford to buy the pie ingredients at Obama’s inflated and bloated prices. If he has four more years, we are doomed to twenty years–or more– of poverty. Period.

The fact that everyone in the Obama administration has acted like drunken sailors on holiday with our money and tax dollars for the past 3.5 years doesn’t help. They are out of touch. All of us citizens have been cutting back and doing without and paying for all of their incompetence. Maybe we could give them all some lessons on doing without; I know I could! The ostentation and cluelessness is deep on both sides of the aisle and all our politicians are driving this trillion-dollar buss over a cliff and every citizen is on that bus!  And strangely, they actually seem to be enjoying the ride.  I’m certainly not; are you?

We need a fiscally prudent President of the United States this time; someone who’ll cut up the credit cards and who’ll tighten the belt.  We need someone who knows we won’t die from eating eggs when what we really want is a steak or a pork chop and that person is Mitt Romney.

Based on my real life economic realities from past presidents, I am certain this economy will not do better unless we put an adult in charge.

We do not need more slogans.

We do not need more booklets with glossy pictures that features narcissistic president’s denial of reality. We need a real leader who truly loves America, is savvy and smart and has morals, too. That person is Mitt.

Got any questions?   Nope, didn’t think so! ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!  Now get out there and VOTE!

(And by the way, please make sure you check and re-check your ballot before turning it in, too.)

Lisa Marie Allen

Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

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