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Day: October 17, 2012

The Dirty Martini Debates & Shameless Sticker Shock

(California PolitiChick “Juliet Montague” is a closeted Hollywood Conservative.  She is a commercial actress and brilliant comedic writer/author who enjoys dirty martinis and long...

Jewish Voters for Romney

From the Wake Up America Rally in Los Angeles.

What is it with Jews and Obama?

“Anita Gunn” is our resident Hollywood Insider PolitiChick.  Anita works in the entertainment industry and will be giving inside scoops, offering her unique perspective what it’s like being a...

Message to Daryl Hannah: Don’t Mess with a Texan’s Oil!

Living in a small town in Northeast Texas, you can imagine my surprise when the local headlines read “Daryl Hannah Arrested” because, trust me on this one, our headlines are always related to...