Tuning OUT Liberal News (Why I Unsubscribe to Mainstream Media)

I was reading the news on Breitbart.com and a headline screamed at me: Abandoned Newspaper Buildings Mirrors Decline in Industry.

I’ll bet it is in decline. I used to subscribe to two newspapers and now I only get one Sat/ Sun paper. I have been so discouraged by all the media bias , and especially all the very slanted “news” coverage here in California.

For one thing there is no true news here, it is all a paper version of “celebrity schlock”. At one point Lindsay Lohan was mentioned nearly every day in the media. Is she really even ‘newsworthy’? Actual factual reporting is not in the Bay Area rags and is almost completely slanted and biased and pro- Obama and Democrat.  Gone are the days when you got a paper just to see who was hiring because there are NO JOBS in the help wanted section and haven’t been for years!

I quit buying magazines too. Any magazines that drool over our First “Lady”….GONE!! UNSUBSCRIBED! If I see her mug on one more magazine I think I will have a total conniption fit even if it is in the grocery checkout line.  (And no, Michelle Obama is no Jackie-O!)

My Costco magazine even sings the praises of the Obama administration. It is very subtle,  about how education needs reform, or how the First “Lady” is growing her garden or some such other nonsense. Does anyone really believe Michelle gets her hands dirty in the garden? She has 26 staffers! Does she order them around the garden, and then shove them out of the way for her photo-op?

These drooling hounds in the media think we are dazzled because they are dazzled. I am NOT bedazzled by Michelle or Barack or anyone in the administration. I will not buy what I consider lopsided propaganda.  Period.

Most of the folks who voted for these people don’t even read or critically think. I suggest we all boycott all the paper rags, and their advertisers. If they want to lose readers and money that is their prerogative, but I do not have to support their agenda! George Soros may be able to order a story for his minions to type but I am not supporting that.  The media that thinks they must be PC and Obama-myopic, drools and fawns and reports his every move, but always in a favorable light, because he is our First Black president (after Billy Bob Clinton, our other First Black President).

If I want news, I listen to the radio. If you tune into certain stations you can even hear real opinions. That’s not allowed in a paper or on TV in California. I am pro family, freedom and free speech, and that is simply not allowed in California because the ‘thought police’ have a stranglehold on the local stations here.  I won’t tune in to them or their advertisers.

So where can you go to get the gritty, dirty truthful tidbits that haven’t been varnished or spit-shined by fascists? Plenty of places on the Internet—like PolitiChicks.tv–will tell you the truth, which is what I used to look for in newspapers and magazines but never got.

I am now an avid net surfer, gobbling up nuggets of real truth and real news. I will not be satisfied with lies and more lies on a daily basis. Maybe they will quit feeding the beast of a ‘news’ industry whose agenda is only to fatten their own wallets.

I truly miss Andrew Breitbart. I truly miss honest reporting and truth. The outlets I turn to now?  The ones that resonate truth and those are definitely not the lamestream.





Lisa Marie Allen

Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

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