Obama’s ‘Bump in the Road’? That Bump is US!

“But I was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that there are going to be bumps in the road because, you know, in a lot of these places the one organizing principle has been Islam.”President Obama in an interview with “60 Minutes.”

I am thinking of all the daily disses we Conservatives have had to endure for nearly four years. We have had the most Anti-American POTUS in our history ever. We have a media that seems to be completely deaf, dumb and blind to his mind games.

But this has gotten out of hand.

Honorable citizens who stand for good and righteous values and fairness are disrespected daily, but this September 11 we were dissed even further.  On a day when we were already grieving the 3000+ deaths in the World Trade Center attacks, yet another attack happened on U.S. sovereign soil that Obama has referred to as a “bump in the road”.

Where I live a bump in the road is a squirrel getting run over—so does that mean we are on the same level as road kill in Obamas eyes?  If the Libyan attack was a “bump in the road”, what was 9/11/01 to Obama?  Did he consider that day a “really bad “bumpy road?? Was it maybe a “rocky road”? Does the road need paving? Not only did Obama not honor our grief on 9/11, but he also dishonored our dead ambassador and the former Navy Seals who also got BUMPED that day. Devaluing us further with his “bump in the road” statement, Obama might just as well have been saying, “Oh well, America. More squished squirrel.”  Or better yet, apologize for the state of the bumpy roads. Apologize for the squirrel that ran in front of the truck. OOPS! BUMP.

Let me be clear:  Our United States citizens were brutally murdered and Obama referred to it as a “bump in the road”.  And apparently while in Libya Ambassador Stevens didn’t even rate protection by this Hitler-like regime, despite the fact that an article in WND suggested that the ambassador might have been gay.  If this article is true, why would the Obama administration send a gay man—without guards–to a Muslim country?  I call it murder.  Obama calls it a “bump”.

Every day of this man’s presidency has been one big game and we are the pawns. We die? Oh well–BUMP.  Obama’s Spin Cycle Press told everyone the murders in Libya were because of a violent movie on YouTube, with the implication that we are somehow to blame.  BUMP.  Does anyone really believe the lies? I watched the movie and I do not believe it is the cause of inciting behavior in the Middle East. Even the Libyans deny the video was the cause of the violence—yet Obama’s machine is permanently stuck on that spin cycle.

When you consider the daily dissing by both the administration and every Democrat hypocrite that makes a fortune off our hard-working backs, we can only assume we are not valued or honored by any of them whatsoever.  SMACK! BUMP! The Obama regime bumper cars are deliberately bumping us daily and I do not believe they even consider us humans, despite all the talk about “human rights” at the U.N. Instead it seems we don’t deserve any human rights at all per Obama and are more on the sub-human level—even lower than squirrels.

Regarding Islam, Obama really seems to admire the cult that murders us U.S. Squirrel Citizens. They get apologies and are verbally massaged at every turn by the president.  In a word, that is twisted; sort of like congratulating someone for BUMPING OFF the squirrel. “OH yeah good aim, man! HIGH FIVE!” says our president to the terrorists in his apology tour at the UN. What did we get on our day of extreme grief? We got SILENCE. Then we got the “bump in the road” comment.

To top it all off Ahmadinejad is currently here in our country. Maybe Obama is giving him some home-brewed White House beer, like he gave the women of The View.  Or maybe he’ll have a Halal lamb slaughtered and have a cozy dinner with this evil enemy. Media silence. BUMP. Our soldiers are dying for these idiots at this very moment. BUMP. NO Christian prayer at their funerals though, it might offend someone. BUMP. Never mind, Christians—but if you were full-blown terrorists you would definitely get a full Muslim ceremony! BUMP!

Have you noticed how Obama never says he is sorry to us Americans and he never expresses any sadness when things happen to us? Always a dry, defiant eye and a finger to wag and point while he says things like: BUMP!


Lisa Marie Allen

Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

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