Justice I Am

Justice I am. I can be served hot, cold or even somewhere in the middle.

I am the face of truth and the voice of law; I will not be silent in your arms, not even a little.

I lurk in the darkness and rise with the sun always in search of why it was done.

I am known by only one name, and it is all that I know.

Some may try to hide from me but I am everywhere they go. Many try to escape me but fall to no avail.

Others try to misuse me but forget the balance of my scale.

Many I have tried and many I have thrown into the arms of time.

I care not for the offender for the offence is never their defense. I care only for the one who seeks me and I hold them in my arms.

I stand strong for the weak and tall for the weary never letting my guard down in the face of fury.

So if you meet me on one side or the other, just know that my name is Justice for another! 

Shannon J. Carpenter September 1, 2012

I can still remember where I was sitting on that day we will never forget.

Fear ran over me as I watched the most vicious attack on American soil in the history of the United States. A total of 2,977 Americans lost their lives that day and many Americans also lost a naivety that will never return.

September 11, 2001 was the day the Sleeping Giant awoke again! The moment the Twin Towers fell to the ground you could hear the screams for “Justice” emerging from the rubble. The voice of Justice showed her face in the lives of the dead, the survivors, the heroes, and even the world. It would take years to find her but Justice prevailed.

On September 16, 2001 Osama Bin Laden did a broadcast in which he stated, “I stress that I have not carried out this act, which appears to have been carried out by individuals with their own motivation.”

But on November 2001, United States forces recovered a video in which Osama Bin Ladin was seen talking to Khaled al-Harbi, admitting he had foreknowledge of the attacks. Then on December 27, 2001 a second video appeared in which Osama Bin Ladin stated, “Terrorism against America deserves to be praised because it was a response to injustice, aimed at forcing America to stop its support for Israel, which kills our people.”

It took almost ten years for Justice to be served in the eyes of most Americans. On May 1, 2011, U. S Navy Seal Team Six accompanied by other Special Operational forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan, killed Osama Bin Ladin.

The scales of Justice were again tilted in the direction of The People, by The People.

President Obama, in a late night speech announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden, said:

“Americans understand the cost of war, yet in our country we will never tolerate a security being threatened nor stand idly by when our people have been killed. We will be relentless in defense of our citizens and our friends and allies. We will be true to the values that make us who we are and on nights like this one we can say to those families that have lost loved ones to al-Qaeda’s terror…Justice has been done!”

The credit goes to the American people of The United States!

The credit goes to the victims, heroes, military, policeman, fireman, paramedics, hospitals and most of all to the families who lost loved ones. Their pursuit for Justice and the strength of the men and women, who carried it out is the fiber in which America is known for!

Americans united, standing tall with nothing but their faith, sought the Justice we not only deserved but are also guaranteed by our Constitution.

We’ll never forget that day and the unseen tragedies our fellow Americans still face:  the empty chairs at the dinner tables, still missing a loved one; the toxic dust that still plagues the health of many New York citizens; the mental stability of the children, families and nation who watched victims plunge to their deaths.

September 11, 2001 will be engraved in the minds of all who witnessed this unspeakable act and in our history books as “The Day We Will Never Forget”.

I pay tribute to my fellow Americans and I will always remember the determination you showed to seek Justice and most of all the day “Justice Was Served”!

Life as we knew it has been taken today.

Terrorist came upon us and took our loved ones away.

Life as we once knew it was full of joyful tears.

But terrorist came upon us and filled our lives with fears.

Life as we once knew it was gracious and full of hope.

But terrorist came upon us and forced us to have to cope.

Life as we once knew it included a nation standing tall.

But Terrorist came upon us and many lives we saw fall.

Life as we once knew it was loving and full of trust.

But terrorist came upon us and turned it all to dust.

Life as we now know it will be joined with unity and prayer.

Terrorist that are still among us you better prepare.

Life as we now know it will be strong and masterful.

Terrorist who are still among us we will not be merciful.

Life as we now know it will take patience and will.

Terrorist who are still among us soon you will be revealed.

Life as we now know it will be Americans holding hands.

Terrorist that are still among us remember United We All Stand!

Poem Written By: Shannon J. Carpenter on September 11, 2001 – 10:45 p.m.

Texas PolitiChick Shannon Carpenter Rodgers is owner of S.C. Construction and Shannon Carpenter LLC, DBA Classy-Cleaning. She is H.U.B certified and is only the 4th woman to be certified as a Kitchen Exhaust Specialist in the State of Texas. For over 8 years she worked in Law Enforcement and Juvenile Corrections. She was President of her Police Academy and graduated with a 4.0 and salutatorian of her class.  Shannon also holds three Lightweight Titles for women’s boxing in West Texas.

Ann-Marie Murrell

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