Is GOP Part of the Problem?

As we approach the most important election of our nation’s history, the power struggle between the people and oppressive government becomes clearer and more consequential. While it seems that the 2012 election will be an election of referendums against the current slide into socialism, propelled by the left wing political structure, there is another equally important, struggle going on between the people and the Republican Party, who seems just as interested in seizing power at the expense of the populace. And it’s happening in all levels of government, right under our noses.

During the Republican National Convention, grassroots received the message, loud and clear, that their contribution to the selection process was not welcome. In a power play move, by the GOP, a change in the convention rules was railroaded through the voting process and many retellings of dirty tricks stories accompanied the setting.

According to Freedomworks the changes in rules allow the RNC to circumvent rules adopted at national conventions, giving campaigns unprecedented control in delegate selection and the ability to shape the national platform for self-benefit. Additionally, the president will now have the power to disavow any elected delegates they deem unsuitable or unfit.

Despite lobbying from delegates at the convention, and citizens at home, the establishment GOP pushed through the initiatives in what could only be described as a questionable voting process, reminiscent of tactics used in the caucuses like the “Raucous Caucus” in Missouri.

Moving to the state level, we, here in Missouri, have been struggling with a state wide/national assault on the people’s voice/choice.

Todd Akin went from being the state’s hope for gaining another Republican seat in the senate, and knocking Claire McCaskill off her pro Obamacare perch, to being a national controversy, over one misspoken sentence, in an interview with a local television journalist.

Because Akin wasn’t the establishment choice in the three-way primary, the National GOP immediately launched an organized and fierce attack against him, and pulled all financial support, in an effort to pressure him to drop from the race, so a replacement could be appointed.  Appointed by the GOP, of course. Establishment GOP made if very clear, that those who don’t play by establishment rules aren’t invited to play at all. Reince Priebus punctuated that point at the RNC.

Why the fierce and deliberate attempts to quash Akin’s career and senatorial race? Akin has a history of voting against party on some conservative issues. One of his first votes at a congressman was against GW Bush’s No Child Left Behind.

While Akin is once again gaining support across the state, in recent polling, attacks from establishment Republicans continue. Karl Rove, in another unfortunate misstatement, attacked Akin in a very threatening way. However, when you are establishment GOP, you are given a pass. Rove made a comment suggesting that Akin be murdered, and a reporter picked up the statement. And while he has been roundly admonished by prominent conservative supporters, like Phyllis Schlafly and Mike Huckabee, Rove isn’t receiving nearly the media attention or widespread calls to resign as did Akin. What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander in Republican politics, but perhaps karma could be a problem.

If you were thinking Republican politics on local levels are immune to bureaucratic power grabs, guess again. One such assault on the people’s right to direct government is growing in St. Charles County, Missouri.

It would seem County Executive, Steve Ehlmann, is trying to crown himself king. In an unusual but not unheard of move, in Ehlmann’s county there is another attempt to take the voters out of the process and consolidate power and authority, and they are trying to justify it by letting the voters decide.

During the last few County Council meetings, there have been a few initiatives rammed through the process in a swift and grand manner. Ehlmann wants to change the foundation of the St. Charles Charter by changing the law enforcement structure from an elected Sheriff to an appointed Chief of Police.

This wasn’t his idea, however. It was the idea of the current Sheriff, who has worked for the department for the last 30 years. While St. Charles County voters have had no problems electing a sheriff in the past, suddenly, the current sheriff feels politics play too much of a roll in department activity, and the citizens would be better served by a Chief of Police who only answers to the County Executive.

Needless to say, the Deputies don’t like the idea, and neither do a fast growing number of residents in St. Charles County.

The saga doesn’t end there. Ehlmann also wants to acquire oversight of all county employees. Even the ones working under elected office holders. So, tell me again why we would need to elect anyone, in St. Charles County, except Steve Ehlmann if this ballot measure passes?

All of the afore mentioned illustrations of power overreach should not be acceptable to any liberty loving, small government, conservative.  Why would any American consider these actions appropriate behavior from political leadership, leaders to whom they look to stop the socialistic agenda of the left?

All of these actions are coming from Republicans. It’s time, folks, to wake up and pay attention to your elected. We are slipping ever closer into the dark depths of a socialistic, totalitarian existence. It’s happening on every level of government, and unless the citizens, voters and most importantly, conservatives engage, we are looking at a very different future that doesn’t even closely resemble a republic.



Lisa Payne- Naeger

Lisa Payne-Naeger works to educate and inform members of the Grassroots movement, and others, through activism, being a citizen lobbyist, writing for, ( blogging, hosting a weekly internet radio program and working with the Grassroots activist organization, Missouri Grassroots Coalition. You can read Lisa at Culture Vigilante, Homeschooling United, Guardian Ad Litem Reform and get Lisa's radio programming schedule at Missouri Grassroots Coalition.

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