Abusing of Power

There is a fundamental Abuse of Power in America. We see it every day and have been knowingly and unknowingly victims of its demeaning grasp.

Power is defined as: the ability to influence the behavior of others with or without resistance.

Abuse as defined in a dictionary: the improper usage or treatment for a bad purpose, often to unfairly or improperly gain benefit.

The psychological effects of “abuse” and “abuse of power” have taken a toll on Americans. The wide span reaches from the unborn all the way to the President of the United States. There is a systematic power imbalance that has slowly disintegrated the minds of Americans and manipulated the morals of our society into thinking that power is somehow a part of the American dream.  There is a pattern of behavior in America that has a negative impact on society as a whole. The physical and emotional state of Americans is tested to a finite degree daily. How much more can Americans withstand before we witness a collapse in our mental psyche?

Abuse comes in many forms:  Verbal Abuse, Psychological Abuse, Abuse of Authority, Abuse of Power, Abuse of Discretion, Abuse of Rank, Child Abuse, Economic Abuse, Financial Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Discriminatory Abuse, Flag Abuse, Elderly Abuse, Human Rights Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Market Abuse, Professional Abuse, Racial Abuse, Religious Abuse, Medical Abuse and the list goes on and on!

Do you see the pattern yet? Have you ever contemplated, been the victim of or perpetrated abuse? If your answer is no then you are probably not telling yourself the truth!

Have you ever manipulated an individual into doing or saying something that you wanted them to say? Have you ever manipulated a situation or words in a sentence in order to get a desired result? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, you might want to recognize that you have in fact been a willing or unwilling participant in the abuse pattern that plagues America today.

Verbal abuse alone has a traumatic effect on an individual and can cause significant harm. The most important parts of a human being are their physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Abuse in any form is unacceptable and is used to gain control over an individual or situation. Abuse of Power is against the law and is done under an official capacity, which affects the performance of one’s official duties. This can result in the removal of any elected official.

Here are three examples of ongoing abuse or abuse of power in today’s society.

1. Abortion – When and who gave human beings the right to kill an unborn child? When did the morals of our society grant permission to commit murder and manipulate individuals into thinking it was okay?  When a parent commits or omits an act that causes harm or death, the potential for harm or death or the threat to cause harm or death the parent has therefore committed child abuse.

2. Abuse of Power by Executive Orders – President Obama without Congressional authority has decided to use his executive authority to make new laws or interpret new laws without regard to Congress or the desires of the American people. A perfect example of this abuse is the Executive Order that Obama is ready to sign giving himself and his Administration more control over the Internet. Government Agencies claim that hackers threaten our power grid. On the other hand cyber experts are saying that most infrastructure systems are not connected to the public Internet and hacking into the power grid would be virtually impossible with only an Internet connection, no matter how good the hacker is. Obama and his Administration want more control of the Internet in order to regulate and oversee everything that people are doing on the web. The Government controls what we hear and see in the mainstream media in an attempt to censor and filter the things that they do not want citizens to see. The Obama Administration wants to have the exact same influence over the Internet that they have on the mainstream media in order to silence critics!

Wikipedia states: only those orders which are made in order to implement some act of Congress carry the weight of law.

In other words, the only valid executive orders are those that Congress authorizes President Obama to make in order to implement law.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1952 that President Truman’s order to place steel mills in the U.S. under federal control was invalid because it was an attempt to make law.

Who gave President Obama the idea that he was above Congress and the Supreme Court of the United States of America? This is a blatant Abuse of Power by our President and psychological abuse of Congress and the American people.

This means, according to my understanding of our U.S. government, that President Obama should be held accountable under the laws of The United States and removed from office immediately! This violation of his boundaries should not be dismissed and the American people deserve Justice under the law.

3. Economic and Financial Abuse – We are in an economic and financial catastrophe in the United States. Power follows Money. The U.S. is buried deep in debt. Most of the current economic growth and GDP figures are debt-driven. The potential for our dollar to collapse is extremely high. When debt is created, money is created. When debt is paid off, money is destroyed. This means every dollar of debt that comes into existence has debt attached to it.

Our debt is not even held by our Government it is held by private individuals. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank no different than any other privately owned bank in the United States. If the government needs a million dollars it must borrow the money into existence. Therefore the Federal Reserve requests a bond with interest attached from the United States. Since the money is created in this fashion the interest is never paid back because it never comes into existence. If those million dollars the U.S. Government needed was the only money in the system, where would they get the 5% interest to pay back the loan and interest?

If government does not get control of spending then in essence every year more debt will have to be created in excess of the debt and the interest accrued in the year before! If the debt becomes so large that we default on the debt or we continue to create more money/debt to the point where we will see compounding interest, we will witness a collapse of our dollar and hyper inflate our currency into oblivion. Understand that if Government does not get spending under control the inevitable is near.

Obama and his administration want you to buy into the philosophy that in order to make more money you have to spend more money. Unfortunately in this situation this philosophy will not work! When the economy recovers it will not be because of Obama’s bailout plans. It will be due to the hard work of American Entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, who will rebuild the real engine of the economic growth.

The abuse of government, politicians, Federal Reserve and the financial sector, have contributed to the state we are in. Greed, lack of regulation, information and misinformation in the media has also been a contributing factor. The incompetence and lack of transparency of President Obama has resulted in an economic and financial meltdown. Again, power follows money. The redistribution of our money means a shift in power. A shift in power means only one thing; a New World Order.

It is time to take a stand and stop the abuse of our economic and financial systems. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it!

Money and the power that follows are the culprits that make up the systematic power imbalance that is slowly disintegrating the minds of Americans. The consistent manipulation of Government and the “many abuses” mentioned above have contributed to the degradation and depravation of our morals in the United States.

When Americans are consistently manipulated and exposed to behavior that is psychologically harmful this is referred to as Psychological Abuse.

Individuals that are abusive manipulate others who will defend them in their warfare. Such examples are manipulation of preachers, politicians, law enforcement, court officials, friends, family and even the victim’s family, friends and enemies! This is a mere attempt to shift the blame to the victim. President Obama and his administration have perfected this quality. They have created a division in our country using class warfare, which has created fear among the citizens of The United States.

Obama wants citizens to believe that they are somehow responsible for the mess that we are facing. Obama wants us to believe that we have become an arrogant America who has victimized the less fortunate and countries that hate America and everything we stands for.

President Obama, the American people will not tolerate the manipulation and lies anymore. The American people have been victims of abuse for too long–but history proves that we are survivors!

America will no longer be a depressed society. We are fighting back with all our might. Our voices are loud and clear. Anger, anxiety, fear, chronic depression and dissociation will no longer be the body that controls us.

We are wide awake, pressing inward, moving forward, rising up and taking responsibility for letting this abuse and your abuse of power to almost lead us down the road of socialism and limited freedom.

Americans have become divided due to the psychological warfare but the time has come for Americans to unite with one voice and lead the way to victory. The time has come to take our country back!

Texas PolitiChick Shannon Carpenter Rodgers is owner of S.C. Construction and Shannon Carpenter LLC, DBA Classy-Cleaning. She is H.U.B certified and is only the 4th woman to be certified as a Kitchen Exhaust Specialist in the State of Texas. For over 8 years she worked in Law Enforcement and Juvenile Corrections. She was President of her Police Academy and graduated with a 4.0 and salutatorian of her class.  Shannon also holds three Lightweight Titles for women’s boxing in West Texas.


Ann-Marie Murrell

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