Brewer VS. Obama — Round Two

by Arizona PolitiChick, Suzanne Sharer

It seems as if we have an epic sequel taking shape right here in the great state of Arizona! The saga of Brewer VS Obama continues as our very own gutsy Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer squares off with the Obama administration once again calling for the rule of law to prevail!

Listen to Governor Brewer as she tells her story on The Mike Broomhead show, KFYI 550 AM:

Now, being Americans we should be able to at least hope that our President is looking out for the best interest of his citizens but sadly we have learned that when it comes to immigration, President Obama and the people of America and particularly Arizona are more like sparring partners rather than political allies. Yesterday Governor Brewer, knowing that Federal law is once again on a direct collision course with the will of the people of Arizona, was compelled to sign her own executive order in direct response to Obama’s earlier EO that created a group of young illegals known as “Dreamers”, aka those that are being given amnesty through the guise of the Federal program called “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”. This seriously flawed program allows these young illegals to apply for work permits and stay in the country as long as certain criterion is met.
Sounds like a warm and fuzzy plan doesn’t it? Well herein lies the problem that Governor Brewer is facing. Current Arizona law states that taxpayer-funded benefits and state identification, including driver’s licenses, shall be denied to non- legal residents. Sounds pretty simple and straightforward, right? So what is a gal to do…uphold State Law or cave in to a run-a-muck Federal Government with an agenda to promote open borders and rampant unconstitutional immigration policies, all in the name of diversity and tolerance… or so they would like us to believe.
I am starting to feel a bit of eerie familiarity and so with fair certainty I will predict what the next few weeks will look like on the Arizona landscape with Brewer VS Obama round 2 now underway. First off expect California to throw its’ tantrums in the form of yet another boycott then wait for the angry and pathetically ignorant mobs of self righteous illegals marching down our streets to the Capital demanding their “rights” and screaming being brown is not a crime!

by Arizona PolitiChick, Suzanne Sharer

Ann-Marie Murrell

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