Obama’s ideology vs. Reality

Thanks to an awesome website called NotableQuotes.com, I was able to compile a little comparison between what Barack Obama says and what the actual truth is.

Obama says:  “When special interests put their thumb on the scale, and distort the free market, the people who compete by the rules come in last.”  Barack Obama, speech, Aug. 2, 2008

RealityKnock, knock.  Who’s there?  OBAMACARE!  What—in the history of America’s free market system—has more blatantly distorted that system than Obamacare, in which everyone is forced to comply with government-controlled healthcare or they will pay hefty fines or worse?  The ONLY word for this is Socialism and it hasn’t worked for the UK, Canada or anywhere else in the universe.  Never has, never will…

Obama says:  Congress has to compromise!  “But I do think that, right now at least, in the Republican Party there are a couple of notions.  No. 1 is that compromise is a dirty word.  No. 2, anything that Obama’s for, we’re against.”  Barack Obama, ABC Barbara Walters Special, 2011

Reality…as long as it’s REPUBLICANS whom are the ones doing all the compromising.  In 2006, Barack wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about “compromise”—when it involved compromising HIS principles:  “I think that the Democratic Party and progressives generally have gotten confused in getting trapped in this debate about are you liberal or are you centrist? I’m not interested in being a centrist or rushing to the middle, in the sense of just splitting the difference with a radically ideological Bush administration. And that’s how I think we got into trouble in many instances, was we just kept on splitting the difference until you find out you don’t stand for anything, you just keep on compromising.”  Barack Obama, Tavis Smiley Show, Oct. 23, 2006

Obama says:  Let’s level that playing field.  “What we’re talking about under a balanced approach is asking Americans whose incomes have gone up the most over the last decade — millionaires and billionaires — to share in the sacrifice everyone else has to make.” Barack Obama, speech 2011

RealityWHOSE playing field does he mean?  You’ve got to remember—when Obama talks about those evil ‘millionaires and billionaires’ he is NOT talking about the Michael Moore’s, Sean Penn’s or Bill Maher’s of the world—he’s talking about AMERICAN BUSINESSES, such as oil company owners, private plane operators and hedge fund managers.  Barack believes that people and/or businesses that have “too much money” have to give part of their money to people who don’t have as much as they do. The problems with this:  How much is ‘too much’?  What do they consider ‘rich’ and ‘poor’?  And WHO decides these things?

Obama says:  Don’t call Obamacare “Socialized medicine”!  “Throwing around phrases like ‘socialists’ and ‘Soviet-style takeover’…  that may grab headlines, but it also has the effect of comparing our government, our political opponents, to authoritarian, even murderous regimes.”  Barack Obama, 2010 State of the Union speech

“Opponents of health reform warn that this is all some big plot for socialized medicine or government-run health care with long lines and rationed care. That’s not true either. I don’t believe that government can or should run health care.”  Barack Obama, weekly address, Jul. 18, 2009 

Reality:  That’s what HE said.  Barack himself has called Obamacare ‘socialized medicine’:  “…we must either tolerate forty-six million without health insurance or embrace ‘socialized medicine.’”  Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope

Obama says:  He is a Christian.

Reality:  I personally don’t know any Christians who celebrate Islam the way Barack Obama does.  “Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it’ll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as ‘one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.’”  NYT interview, “Obama, Man of the World”, March 2007

Also–Obama seems to have a MAJOR chip on his shoulder regarding Christianity (or as he calls it “the religious right”):  “This notion that’s peddled by the religious right – that they are oppressed is not true. Sometimes it’s a cynical ploy to move their agenda ahead. The classic example being that somehow secularists are trying to eliminate Christmas, which strikes me as some kind of manufactured controversy.” Barack Obama, Street Prophets interview, Jul. 11, 2006

By the way—the first person that made a big deal about Obama’s Muslim ties was Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primaries.  Just saying… 

Obama says:  We must work with our allies.  “We must always reserve the right to strike unilaterally at terrorists wherever they may exist. But we should know that our success in doing so is enhanced by engaging our allies so that we receive the crucial diplomatic, military, intelligence, and financial support that can lighten our load and add legitimacy to our actions. This means talking to our friends and, at times, even our enemies.”  Barack Obama, 2006 speech

Reality:  “Engaging our allies”?  Hello, Israel?  Thinking their microphones were off, France’s Nicolas Sarkozy had an unguarded conversation with Obama about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Sarkozy said, “I can not stand him, he is a liar.”  Barack Hussein Obama replied, “You’re fed up with him but I have to deal with him every day.”

Obama says:  No name calling!  “At a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized – at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we do – it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.”  Barack Obama, speech at memorial for Arizona shooting victims, Jan. 12, 2011

Reality:  Do as I say, not as I do.  “And it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”  Barack Obama, April 2008

“So, when you see – those of you who are watching certain news channels that on which I’m not very popular and you see folks waving tea bags around, let me just remind them that I am happy to have a serious conversation about how we are going to cut our health care costs down over the long term, how we are going to stabilize Social Security.”  Barack Obama, Town Hall meeting 2009

“Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit [Democratic voters] and it will encourage the extremists.”  Barack Obama speech, 2009

Obama says:  “We live in a culture that discourages empathy. A culture that too often tells us our principle goal in life is to be rich, thin, young, famous, safe, and entertained.”

Barack Obama, speech, Jul. 12, 2006

Reality:  Forget empathy–these ARE the Obamas “principle goals”!  “Rich”:  the Obamas’ net worth is $ million; Thin:  Michelle Obama’s entire platform is to make people thin; Safe:  Obama has made us more un-safe and more of an Islamic target than any president in history; Entertained:  We all know about the Obamas multi-million dollar frivolous, over-the-top elitist vacations, both together and separately…ugh.

Obama says:  Hateful religion is bad.  “…and where terrorists offer only the injustice of disorder and destruction, America must demonstrate that our values and institutions are more resilient than a hateful ideology.”  Barack Obama, speech 2009

RealityWHAT is a more “hateful ideology” than Islam?  And yet, almost every time Obama mentions the word “Christian” he follows it with Muslims (ahead of “Jews”, who far outnumber Muslims in America…)

Obama says:  No distractions, please!  “We’re not going to be able to do it if we just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts. We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.”  Barack Obama, remarks in press briefing room, Apr. 27, 2011

Reality:  Yeah, okay.  But I seem to remember a certain memorial service in Arizona that turned into a rock star-like campaign rally complete with FREE T-SHIRTS FOR ALL…And during that time, the Democrat Machine was in full-spin cycle, constantly insinuating that Conservatives were responsible for the crazy LIBERAL nutjob who shot people at a Democrat event…just saying…

Obama saysThe 2nd Amendment is good!  “I believe in the Second Amendment. It does provide for Americans the right to bear arms for their protection, for their safety, for hunting, for a wide range of uses. That does not mean that we cannot constrain gun runners from shipping guns into Mexico.”

RealityNot so much.  People in the know believe Fast & Furious was entirely a 2nd Amendment thing.  Obama has also said, “I believe in keeping guns out of our inner cities, and that our leaders must say so in the face of the gun manfuacturer’s lobby.”  Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope

Obama says:  He cares about our military.  “When we send our young men and women into harm’s way, we have a solemn obligation not to fudge the numbers or shade the truth about why they’re going, to care for their families while they’re gone, to tend to the soldiers upon their return, and to never ever go to war without enough troops to win the war, secure the peace, and earn the respect of the world.”  Barack Obama, speech at 2004 Democratic Convention 

Reality:  Barack Obama plans to cut $17 billion out of our military budget.  Also as of February 1, 2012 COMBAT PAY has been cut for many in the military.  

Obama says:  “No one is pro-abortion.”  Barack Obama, speech, Oct. 5, 2004

Reality:  And yet…Barack Obama approves partial birth abortions, in which babies can be born full-term and then left to die.  “On March 30, 2001, Obama was the only Illinois senator who rose to speak against a bill that would have protected babies who survived late term labor-induced abortion. Obama rose to object that if the bill passed, and a nine-month-old fetus survived a late-term labor-induced abortion was deemed to be a person who had a right to live, then the law would ‘forbid abortions to take place.’ Obama further explained the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment does not allow somebody to kill a child, so if the law deemed a child who survived a late-term labor-induced abortion had a right to live, ‘then this would be an anti-abortion statute.’”

Obama says:  “As President, I’ll invest in renewable energies like wind power, solar power, and the next generation of homegrown biofuels. That’s how America is going to free itself from our dependence on foreign oil – not through short-term gimmicks, but through a real, long-term commitment to transform our energy sector.”  Barack Obama, speech, Jul. 31, 2008 

Reality:  One word:  Solyndra…

Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie Murrell is one of the creators of PolitiChicks and co-owns the site with Morgan Brittany. Ann-Marie is co-author of two bestselling books, “What Women (Really) Want” and "PolitiChicks: A Clarion Call to Political Activism". She has appeared on dozens of television shows including Fox & Friends, CNN, Hannity, the Dr. Phil Show, Huckabee, Lou Dobbs, C-SPAN, One America News, Stuart Varney & Company, Newsmax, MSNBC, and more. In addition to PolitiChicks, Ann-Marie has written for multiple other news sites. You can find Ann-Marie Murrell on Facebook and Twitter: @PolitichickAM E-mail: [email protected]

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