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Can the GOP Win the Women’s Vote?

Now that the selection process is officially over and the Republican and Democrat Party has their presidential nominees, it’s time to look toward winning the general election. One of the...

Donald Trump to Russia: I hope you find Hillary Clinton deleted emails

Breaking political tradition Wednesday morning, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump held a press conference during his opponent’s convention to suggest Russia should look into findin...
Posted On Jul 27 2016

Statement From Owner/Editor: Where PolitiChicks.com Stands Regarding the Divided GOP

Statement from PolitiChicks.com owner/Editor-in-Chief Ann-Marie Murrell about the very divided GOP.

Donald Trump, “The Law and Order Candidate” Accepts Presidential Nomination at RNC

Cleveland, OH. — The Republican National Convention came to a close Thursday night with Donald Trump accepting the party’s nomination and delivering a fiery hour-long speech...
Posted On Jul 22 2016

The Race For Donald Trump VP

Who will be the lucky pick? With the convention just ten days away, the focus of Donald Trump’s vice presidential search and who will he pick is on high alert. Trump previously stated that...
Posted On Jul 07 2016

Donald Trump raised $51 million in June

Donald Trump’s campaign announced on Wednesday they have raised $51 million in fundraising haul in the month of June. “We just started our fundraising efforts in the last week of May and we...
Posted On Jul 06 2016

Conservative NY Congressional Candidate Phil Pidot Allowed to Challenge Machine-Backed Incumbent

A controversial congressional race in Nassau County, NY (NY-03) will now have a primary, after the New York State Supreme Court ruling Thursday evening. This will benefit conservative and...

Looking At the GOP Through Millennial Eyes: Why I’m Not “Just a Republican” Anymore

New PolitiChicks writer Ashley Skeen explains why she is now declaring herself more than 'just a Republican'.

Donald Trump, Paul Ryan Meeting a “Positive Step” – But No Endorsement Yet

The showdown between GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan occurred this morning in a planned publicized sit-down that resulted in a “positive step toward...
Posted On May 12 2016

The PolitiChicks Speakers at Unite I.E. Conference

The PolitiChicks Ann-Marie, Morgan and Gina are keynote speakers at this weekend's Unite I.E. Conference. Hope to see ya there!

GOP Establishment Demands Cruz “Apologize to McConnell” If They Back Him

Political blackmail? Establishment GOP-types are calling for Sen. Cruz to apologize to Mitch McConnell for calling him a 'liar' after McConnell lied.

Clarifying Party Branding For The Politically Confused

Politics have become more about branding; branding Parties, issues and personalities, than about policy.

I Agree and Stand With “Conservative Republican” Caitlyn Jenner

Ann-Marie Murrell wishes all Republicans would be as fearless as Caitlyn Jenner in standing up--loudly and proudly--for conservative principles.

Mississippi Dr. Bill Simpson: “Trump is Not the Problem, Merely the Symptom.”

Mississippi Dr. Bill Simpson diagnoses the not-so-surprising win of Donald Trump in his home state.

CPAC 2016 Through the Eyes of a First-Timer

Our newest PolitiChicks contributor Brian Bledsoe shares his experiences as a CPAC 2016 first-timer!

Tuesday Primary Races: Trump Wins 3, Cruz Wins 1

Once again Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump each won 2 primary races.

GOP Primary: Putting Things in Perspective

Retired teacher Lou Ellen Brown tries to put a little perspective into the GOP presidential primary.

New EXPLOSIVE Dinesh D’Souza Movie Preview: “Hillary’s America”

Dinesh D'Souza's new film, "The Secret History of the Democrat Party: Hillary's America" goes where few American educational institutions go anymore.