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Peyton Manning Born With Cleft Lip; Many Cleft Babies Are Aborted

Peyton Manning was born with a cleft lip; sadly too many babies are aborted for this very correctible birth defect.

Vicious Video by OccupyDemocrats Attacks Cruz as Parent.

Leftists must be terrified of Sen. Ted Cruz when they go after his children and parenting skills...

“Irreplaceable”: Encouragement for Parents of Children with Unique Challenges

Your children are strong-hearted and talented and yes, they are smart. And don’t ever forget—just like you—they are irreplaceable too.

10 Ways To Teach a Child or Teen Accountability and Responsibility

Teaching children responsibility and accountability is a lost art. Here are 10 ways to help.

Special Needs Parents – Beware Arne Duncan and September 21st

Arne Duncan and Common Core are at it again. Macey France offers a heads-up for parents with special needs children.

Guest Writer Zack Zanardi: My Autism (Or How I Learned To Be Me)

Zack Zanardi writes about his autism and how he chose not to let it define him.

THIS Is Common Core-Approved for Children?

Update on Macey France's article about The Bluest Eye, a book filled w/porn & pedophilia & is on the Common Core list of exemplar texts for 11th graders.

Heads-Up Parents: School-wide Student Mental Health Plans Coming Your Way

Parents Beware: The latest grab for your children are Student Mental Health plans, in which teachers are allowed to evaluate your child's mental health.

The Importance of History & Maintaining the Soul of America

With so much of our history being denigrated and desecrated, now more than ever it's important to teach our children to respect & value America.

Teacher Resigns After Reading Book About Gay Lovers to 3rd Graders…

A 3rd grade teacher resigned after reading a controversial book about gay lovers to his students.

Oregon Approves State-Paid Sex-Change For 15-Year Olds W/Out Parental Consent

While 15 is the medical age of consent in the state, the decision to cover sex-change operations was made by the Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC).

5-Min. Video (Better Than Most TV Shows): “What’s It Like Being a Dad?”

What's it like being a Dad? This video will make you laugh, cry, and hug your dads.

Oregon HB 2758 Forces Parents to Pay For Child’s Abortion (But Can’t Know What They’re Paying For)

Macey France offers a word of advice for anyone thinking of moving here to Oregon: Don’t.

Forget Special, Let’s All Be Mediocre!

Yes, most parents want mediocre for their child. Said no one with a clear head that isn’t planted in their posterior, ever.

Latest Path to Social Justice: Abolish The Family

Abolishing the family is one way to achieve the left’s sought after “social justice” utopia, or so says philosopher Adam Swift. Adam Swift and Harry Brighouse are two philosophers who have been...

Baltimore & Beyond: Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

It’s 11 PM. Do you know where your children are? It’s a tired old question, the mere mention of which has come to sound cliché. But traditional American values, those ancient ideals...

New Michigan Bill Keeps Tab on Homeschoolers

On April 17th a new bill was introduced in Michigan that would keep tabs on homeschoolers. An incredibly sick woman had her two children in a freezer for 2 years and nobody knew it because when...

I Saw My Father’s Heart Today

I saw my father’s heart today. My father, nearly 91, spent the morning in confusion, removing his sheets, his gown, and the leads on his chest that once linked him to a monitor. He had already...