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Category: Immigration

Language of the Left is a House of Cards

“Language is the House of Being. In its home human beings dwell,” wrote Martin Heidegger in his Letter on Humanism. At another place he states that the “devastation of language not only...

Cartels, Gangs, and International Terrorist Groups vs. America

Jaeson Jones, a border security expert, discusses Cartels, Gangs and International Terrorist Groups vs. America, shining disturbing light on a dire threat we face.

It’s Time to Restore Security and The Constitutional Rule of Law

From the beginning, when he was still seeking the Republican nomination for President, Donald Trump promised immigration reform. He spent a lot of time talking about Mexico, and the potentially...

McCain, Ryan Side With Dems (Again) to Stop Funding Border Wall

From The Hill: Democrats are winning the war over the wall. Despite President Trump’s request for more than $1 billion to fund the Mexican border wall this year, GOP leaders are expected to...

Human Sex Trafficking Of Orange County, CA

There is no question that Orange County, California, in which I am honored and privileged to live, has been blessed. It has prospered greatly, growing larger and wider than anyone originally...

Hope For The Beginning Of Real Change On The Border

Arizona is on the frontline of the illegal immigration battle. Known for Governors willing to take stands against illegal immigration, including former Governor Jan Brewer and Arizona’s...

Jeff Sessions: DOJ to Start Enforcing Immigration Laws by Defunding Sanctuary Cities

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Monday that the Justice Department will start enforcing federal immigration laws by discontinuing the funding of sanctuary cities. If the measure is fully...

L.A. Mayor Fighting Trump Admin Against Enforcing Immigration Laws

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti is ready to fight the Trump administration in order to allow “safe spaces” for people who come to America illegally. From Daily News: Responding to the...

Trump Administration ‘Spotlights’ Local Jails That Won’t Cooperate With Immigration Authorities

President Trump is certainly living up to his campaign promise of cracking down on ‘illegal immigration’– as it certainly was a key issue for him during the election. One of the...

Brutal Details in Alleged Rape of 14-year-old Girl, One Attacker Is Illegal Immigrant

If this doesn’t make your blood, I don’t know what will. More brutal details have emerged on Monday in the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl at a Maryland high school by two male...

Illegal Border Crossings Drop 40% in Trump’s First Full Month in Office

The number of people illegally crossing the U.S. border has dropped 40% in Pres. Trump’s first month in office.

Former Iraqi Insurgent Fighter Lied About Identity, Got Through U.S. ‘Extreme’ Vetting Process.

How did an Iraqi insurgent fighter lie about his identity and still get through America’s ‘extreme’ vetting process?

Thousands of Noncitizens Found on Virginia Voter Rolls

Virginia figures suggest there is validity to the president's assertion that illegal immigrants may have voted in November's elections.

LA Times Reports Illegals on Border ‘Psychologically Traumatized’ By Trump

Some of the folks who've had been entering the U.S. illegally are becoming mentally damaged worrying about President Trump...

Poll Reveals Americans Are Overwhelmingly Opposed to Sanctuary Cities

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe in enforcing the law when it comes to cracking down on 'safe spaces' for criminal outlaws.

Illegal immigrant Gangster Robs and Murders Man at Rail Station in Denver

Valles now faces first degree robbery and murder charges along with Nathan Valdez, a 19-year-old US citizen who is also accused of killing Cruz.

Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Targets Same 7 Countries, Exempts Green Card Holders

President Trump has been working hard over the President's Day weekend and is set to unveil a new executive order on immigration this week.