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Category: Entertainment

PolitiChicks Trip to Waco to Stalk All-Things Fixer Upper #Shiplap #DemoDay

“Explain to me again, why are you going to Waco?” That’s what our 5th generation Texan mother asked my sister, Lisa, and me when I told her we were traveling 3-1/2 hours to the...

Morgan Brittany: A New McCarthyism in Hollywood?

It’s amazing that The Hollywood Reporter would even print this story, but they did.  After the brave statements made by Tim Allen on a late-night talk show where he truthfully said that...

Why Can’t All Media Be As Fearlessly Un-PC as the Country Music Industry?

God.  Family.  America.  Patriotism. These four words have represented the country music industry since the very beginning. Other than a few glitches (remember the Dixie Chicks?) it has never...

Comedian Tim Allen on Being a Conservative in Hollywood: “This is like 30’s Germany”

Our own “resident television and movie star” Morgan Brittany has been saying this for years. From Washington Times: Comedic actor Tim Allen joked briefly on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”...

How PolitiChicks, 2 Country Guys, & Sen. Ted Cruz “Broke Twitter”, Caused Snowflake Avalanche Friday

Amazing how one little video called “Friends in Safe Spaces” could cause so many meltdowns, but boy did the snowflakes go insane Friday after Senator Ted Cruz re-tweeted our...

What Happens When a WOMAN Gets Interrupted By Her Children During a BBC Interview? Watch.

Remember the viral video of the man who was interrupted by his children while doing a BBC interview?  Here’s a version of what might happen if the same thing happened to a woman.

Awesome Song: “Friends in Safe Spaces” by Chad Prather and Steve Mudflap McGrew

Two comedian country stars decided to make a (hilarious) stance for conservatives in America.  “Friends in Safe Spaces” is the conservative political spin on the Garth Brooks song...

Back in the Closet: Conservatives “Face Backlash” in Hollywood Under the Trump Administration

From LA Times: As an Academy Award-winning producer and a political conservative, Gerald Molen has worked in the entertainment business long enough to remember when being openly Republican in...

SNL Features Skit With Pro-Trump Dog (And He’s Smarter Than Everyone On SNL)

This weekend’s Saturday Night Live featured perhaps one of the most shocking skits of their entire history when they featured a President Trump-loving dog.  The dog could have been the...

Morgan Brittany: “Methinks Hollywood Dost Protest Too Much!”

As someone who has been in show biz her entire life, Morgan Brittany knows more about this subject than most.

#Oscar2017’s Biggest “Oopsie” Moment Ever (and It Was a Doozy)

Last night's Oscars gave a big thump on the back of Hollywood's arrogant head.

Should Super Bowl Monday Be Declared A National Holiday?

Kraft Heinz Co. has decided to give employees the day off following the Super Bowl, and the company is pushing for a national holiday as well.

“The Mick”: Another Tired Liberal Hollywood Cliché

A Christian group claims a new Fox sitcom called “The Mick” teaches kids “to promote sexual immorality, abortion and transgenderism, and Planned Parenthood, the world’s...

Oh No! The Hollywood Snowflakes Have Melted

We all want a better country and Hollywood leftists need to stop their angry and divisive script dialogue and join the "real world".

FINAL PolitiChicks Stocking Stuffers Giveaway TODAY!

On the FINAL day of Stocking Stuffers Giveaway the PolitiChicks gave to me...beautiful Swarovski Touchstone Crystal earrings!

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts: Our Favorite Books

Need some epic last-minute Christmas gifts, or maybe something special for yourself? Here are some of the best Conservative-based books in America!

Fourteenth PolitiChicks Stocking Stuffers Giveaway TODAY!

On the fourteenth day of Stocking Stuffers Giveaways the PolitiChicks gave to me...LESS GOVERNMENT MORE FUN!

Hollywood Shifting Strategies in New Trump Era: “Are We Telling the RIGHT Stories?”

Because of President-elect Donald Trump, perhaps the pendulum in Hollywood is swinging to the RIGHT again.