Category: Education

Women, The Second Amendment, and Why I Choose to Conceal Carry

New contributor Marci Wexler Summers explains why she, as a long-distance runner, chooses to conceal carry.

According to Obama, ISIS “No Existential Threat”?

Dr. Sarah Condor explores what it means to America when Obama proclaims ISIS as being 'no existential threat'.

Election 2016: The Condottieri Ride Again

Brendon Berger offers a bit of history comparing Italy's Condottieri mercenaries versus today's American political system.

Brussels: A City Divided

A brief history of Brussels from Dr. Sarah Condor, who once lived there.

Daniel Greenfield: Activism U and the End of Education

The activist model would not only eliminate intellectual diversity, it would eliminate education.

The Student Loan Slavery Boom

The next generation of Student Loan Slaves is about to be born.

Outrageous! Public School Students Taught To ‘Pledge Allegiance To An International Flag’

Kindergarten students in New York were made to create an American flag with the flags of 22 other countries drawn over the stripes in "Old Glory".

Who Is Bernie Sanders?

Who exactly is Bernie Sanders? Dr. Sarah Condor shines the light on the first potential socialist Democrat nominee for president.

Escapee of Communism Asks: When Did America Start Looking Up to Europe?

Dr. Sarah Condor came to the US to escape communism so she wonders, when did America start looking to Europe for answers?

Undercover Video: “Common Core Is All About the Money”

PolitiChicks has been saying this for years but now one of their own was caught by Project Veritas saying it, too: "Common Core is all about the money!"

Parents Be Aware of This New Education Reform Word: Metacognitive

'Non-cognitive' has been changed to 'metacognitive' & Macey France explains how info about your child is being tracked via metacognitive details.

Mandatory Preschool Getting Closer With “Every Student Succeeds Act”

The Every Student Succeeds Act brings us one step closer to mandatory preschool.

Advice From a Middle School Teacher: Follow the Rules!

Bottom line kids, life is a lot easier if you simply follow the rules. It's how a successful society functions.

Nominee for “Dumbest Assignment of the Year” Pt. 2: Islamic Fight Song Taught in OC School

A CA teacher must have been competing for “Dumbest Assignment of the Decade” award with her recent Islamic Fight Song assignment. We hope she wins.

Nominee for “Dumbest Assignment of the Year” Pt. 1: ISIS Propaganda Posters

Another nominee for “Dumbest Assignment of the Year” goes to a Utah teacher for having a high school class create recruitment posters for ISIS.

Abolish the Federal Education Dept. and the Oligarchy of D.C.

The out-of-control Federal Education Dept. should be completely abolished. Is there hope? Maybe, but it won’t be easy.

Horrific Sex Education Bill Passes in Massachusetts (Created by Planned Parenthood)

According to the Education Action Group, a horrific sex education bill has been passed in Massachusetts.

Gates Foundation “Transformation Centers” For Teachers

Everything else aside, doesn't “Transformation Centers” sound really creepy?