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Author: Tom Stark

If Congress Will Not Reform the Federal Government, We Should

I’ll admit, I was a “Johnny-come-lately” to the political scene having awakened from my pre-occupied slumber around the time the Tea Party activities began to perk up through the mud. I...
Posted On July 19, 2017

Is This Really the Healthcare We Want? There Are Simpler Solutions Available

A recent article in the Daily Signal, relating to the imminent demise of a 10 month old child in England at the hands of the British government very accurately points out the danger inherent in...
Posted On July 14, 2017

Should A Gun Be Allowed in a Teacher’s Desk?

Scanning through the emails this morning took me to the website to read an article that caught my eye. It also made me laugh, nearly cry, and become a bit unsettled in the gut as I...
Posted On July 11, 2017

America’s Failing Education System: What’s missing?

Many reasons have been tossed about concerning why American Public Schools are failing our children when it comes to being “College or Career Ready.” One source will say that funding is the...
Posted On July 6, 2017

Concealed Carrier Recently Saved Lives in SC Shooting (Media SILENT)

Recently I read a short article regarding the Playoffz Club shooting in South Carolina on June 26th, and one of the comments posted on a entry was that it would very likely never be heard about...
Posted On July 4, 2017

The Communist Party USA Has Now Fully Aligned with Democrats

For those who are not familiar with the name, John Bachtell is the reigning chairman of the Communist Party USA. On June 6, 2017, he published an article on the party website. It demands a...
Posted On June 26, 2017