Author: Tina Drake

A Day Without a Woman: Have Women’s Identities Been Hijacked by Leftists?

Once upon a time, there lived a family. The family believed all was well in their world. They had established their family based on their chosen values and decisions, equally made by both...

In Elections, There is “A Time for Everything”

To all of our elected officials, there is a time for everything. Now is the time to join together and get to work.

The Christmas Story: A Time of No Fear

Why can't we let go of our fears? If this time of year is a celebration of the birth of peace and freedom for mankind, what limits our ability to walk away from our fears and move forward?

Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be President

We need to begin today to grow our leaders of tomorrow, steeped in the knowledge of The Constitution and having a love for our country once again.

2016 Election From A Child’s Perspective

Five year old Clive Earle has seen, heard, and gone where many never will: photographing candidates in the 2016 presidential election.

Is America’s Writing On The Wall?

Fellow citizens, history can and does repeat itself. In a heartbeat, our nation might no longer be be the shining light on a hill, but instead a dying ember of what we once were if we don't vote...

You Have The Power to Stop The Destruction

Today is the day. You don’t have to look too intently to see it. As a matter of fact, every American has a front row seat. The best seat in the house actually. All of us get to see...

Where Will America Drop Anchor?

No city in America will be a good place to put down anchor unless God is where the anchor is placed.

What If God Ran For President?

Why do we vote? What pushes us to stand behind a particular candidate, possibly even donating money to their campaign? What is the driving force behind the craziness of the presidential political...

Love Isn’t Enough

Love is such an overused, misrepresented word in today’s society. It is possible we no longer even understand its meaning. In most cases of civil violence, individuals pull out signs...

Forget About Politically Correct, Let’s Focus on Morally Correct.

Words are the most powerful thing we possess. Humans are so fearful of guns, bombs, terrorists and anything else which will bring about mass destruction. The sad commentary on life is our words...

“The Best Kind of Hate”

The 'best kind of hate' is none at all.

We Don’t Need A Messiah In The Oval Office

Tina Drake says, 'Don't ask for a Messiah for the Oval Office. We don't need that! We have a Messiah for all eternity."

America Still “Clings to Religion”

According to a new list of America's Most Bible-Minded Cities, religion continues to hold strong in the U.S.

Where Are You, Christmas?

Tina Drake asks, "Where are you, Christmas?"

Pres. Barack Obama, The Grand Illusionist

As Obama spoke to reporters in Turkey at the G20 Summit, he was an "Illusionist of Words"--a virtuoso of spinning his answers to reporters.

Paris Attacks: Are We Next?

Paris should be a wakeup call that America, too, must close her borders & halt the flow of unknown Syrians until we can insure our homeland is safe.

How Do We Know What Politicians REALLY Believe, and Does It Matter?

Politicians are great at espousing a 'belief in God' but are they sincere, and does it matter?