Author: Tina Drake

Where Will America Drop Anchor?

No city in America will be a good place to put down anchor unless God is where the anchor is placed.
Posted On Sep 25 2016

What If God Ran For President?

Why do we vote? What pushes us to stand behind a particular candidate, possibly even donating money to their campaign? What is the driving force behind the craziness of the presidential political...
Posted On Aug 14 2016

Love Isn’t Enough

Love is such an overused, misrepresented word in today’s society. It is possible we no longer even understand its meaning. In most cases of civil violence, individuals pull out signs...
Posted On Aug 14 2016

Forget About Politically Correct, Let’s Focus on Morally Correct.

Words are the most powerful thing we possess. Humans are so fearful of guns, bombs, terrorists and anything else which will bring about mass destruction. The sad commentary on life is our words...
Posted On Aug 13 2016

“The Best Kind of Hate”

The 'best kind of hate' is none at all.
Posted On Feb 23 2016

We Don’t Need A Messiah In The Oval Office

Tina Drake says, 'Don't ask for a Messiah for the Oval Office. We don't need that! We have a Messiah for all eternity."
Posted On Feb 21 2016

America Still “Clings to Religion”

According to a new list of America's Most Bible-Minded Cities, religion continues to hold strong in the U.S.
Posted On Jan 24 2016

Where Are You, Christmas?

Tina Drake asks, "Where are you, Christmas?"
Posted On Dec 24 2015

Pres. Barack Obama, The Grand Illusionist

As Obama spoke to reporters in Turkey at the G20 Summit, he was an "Illusionist of Words"--a virtuoso of spinning his answers to reporters.
Posted On Nov 17 2015

Paris Attacks: Are We Next?

Paris should be a wakeup call that America, too, must close her borders & halt the flow of unknown Syrians until we can insure our homeland is safe.
Posted On Nov 16 2015

How Do We Know What Politicians REALLY Believe, and Does It Matter?

Politicians are great at espousing a 'belief in God' but are they sincere, and does it matter?
Posted On Sep 28 2015

Why Washington Outsiders are Polling Well This Election Season

This election season, Washington outsiders are astounding pollsters as they remain at the top. Is it time to bring the outside in?
Posted On Sep 28 2015

The Passing of Time in a Post-9/11 America

The Class of 2016 will never know a pre-9/11 America with insane airport security & threats of suicide bombers at major events.
Posted On Sep 11 2015

Change Is On the Horizon in Arizona: Interview with Kelli Ward, Running Against John McCain

While one "political sun" is setting, a new day is dawning for conservative in AZ as State Sen. Dr. Kelli Ward challenges Sen. John McCain in 2016.
Posted On Aug 21 2015

Same-Sex Ruling: Did “Love Win” or Did God Lose?

Were those who fought for same-sex marriage fighting for the right to love their partner? Could their love only be shared if it was recognized by govt?
Posted On Jun 28 2015

PolitiChicks Talks to Author/Comedian Evan Sayet About His Nationwide Comedy Tour

Author/Comedian Evan Sayet has embarked in a nationwide CONSERVATIVE comedy tour! PolitiChicks reporter Tina Drake talks to Evan about what that means.
Posted On May 21 2015

Should Our Government Care If We Believe in Christ?

As a practice, the American culture has lived and now may be dying, by the “rule” of not mixing religion and politics. Certainly religious freedom and our First Amendment rights are the...
Posted On Apr 12 2015

Where Are You With God & Country?

“Where are you?”  That’s not an unusual question to ask if you are a parent with small children and in fact you may voice this inquiry multiple times a day.  Adults pose this question...
Posted On Apr 02 2015