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Author: Susan Swift

Are We Importing Zika Virus and Guillain-Barré Syndrome?

Given America's wide open borders, the Zika virus and Guillain-Barre might be coming to a sanctuary city near you.

Video Chronology of Hillary Clinton’s *Chronic* Coughing

Hillary Clinton's coughing fits just won't stop. The latest coughing episode on Tuesday was so bad Drudge posted, "What Is Wrong with Her?"

A Special Place in Hell for Hillary’s Voters

Madeleine Albright played the religion card on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton: Women who don't vote for Hillary Clinton will go to Hell.

Recount: Iowa’s DEMOCRAT Coin Toss Caucus Doesn’t Pass Smell Test

Did something fishy happen at Iowa's Democrat caucus?

Zika Panic: “STOP KISSING!”

The people of Brazil are being told the solution to the Zika virus is to stop kissing; but is there more to it?

Is Hillary Clinton’s Cough a Serious Issue? (Video Proof)

Is Hillary Clinton's cough a serious problem? Susan Swift Arnall shares a new video compilation showing many of Hillary's coughing jags.

Iowa Shock: 60% GOP Vote for Minorities; Bernie Ties Hillary

Iowa proves which Party is truly all about diversity.

Pollsters Clueless as Iowa Caucus Looms

Pollsters don't know how the Iowa caucus will go next week. And it's galling them.

Hillary’s Cough: The OTHER Hacking Scandal

Hillary’s coughing fits are neither trivial nor rare. They are debilitating, uncontrollable and chronic starting at least as far back as eight years ago.

Is America Now the #1 State Sponsor of Terrorism?

Does bankrolling a state sponsor of terrorism, by implication, make America itself a state sponsor of terrorism around the world?

Happy New Year 2016: Countdown to Obama Eviction Day‏!

Susan Swift Arnall made an Inauguration Day countdown clock to Obama Eviction Day

Governor Sarah Palin: Merry Christmas, Conservative Hollywood!

Sarah Palin was in Hollywood encouraging Conservatives to remain strong!

Colorado Shooting: The Media’s Biased Narrative on Abortion and Guns

The Leftwing Media is morbidly near-giddy over the shooting in Colorado that ended in a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Mizzou U: The Hypocrisy of Academe and How Big Money Sports Drives Higher Education

What really controls the University of Missouri is neither academic freedom nor racial conciliation, but big money sports.

Julian Castro as Hillary’s VP Would Be the Democrats’ Sarah Palin

Hillary with Julian Castro as her running mate could be a winning combination. As long as Hillary stays out of jail before the elections...

Religious Persecution in America

Christian persecution is a way of life in the Middle East and now it is officially here in America. Will the president do anything other than blame guns?

Book Review: Taxifornia 2016 – The Real Life Political Horror Story of California

Unlike a Stephen King fiction horror fest, the monsters in Taxifornia 2016 are real.

Ezra Klein Proves Life is Worth Living — Even If You’re a Baby Killer.

What happens when a Swedish philosopher is asked to write about human life and it ends up not being about killing babies?