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Author: Susan Swift

Facebook Bans Admin of LTC Allen West’s Website For a 9/11 Meme

just imposed a 30 day ban against a page admin of the Allen West Republic page for posting this meme. The admin was “temporarily blocked from posting” for this simple factual...

Orlando Terrorist Patronized Gay Bars, Used Gay Dating App

According to ABC News, Omar Mateen, the Muslim American who killed or wounded over 100 people in the horrific mass shooting in a gay nightclub on Sunday, was “a regular patron of gay clubs...

EBT SNAP System Outage– Federal Fiasco or Cloward-Piven Test?

The Government’s electronic food stamp program known as EBT/SNAP has been down for nine days.  Over 40 million people depend upon this government benefit to buy food. Instead of Depression...

Paul Nehlen: “House Speaker Paul Ryan is Corrupt”

Businessman Paul Nehlen is accusing House Speaker Paul Ryan of corruption by "selling his vote" on trade deals & using taxpayer money to fund his campaign.

Paul Nehlen: Profile of Harley Riding Blue Collar MBA Challenging Speaker Paul Ryan

Paul Nehlen is challenging current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in Wisconsin's first congressional district.
Posted On May 9, 2016

Ted Cruz Talks to Reporters after CA GOP Convention

Burlingame, CA. — Senator Ted Cruz told California Republicans during the CA GOP  convention on Saturday that the state was at a crossroads on deciding the party’s nominee for president on...

Anti-Trump Protestors Trap Delegates Inside CA GOP Convention

Burlingame, California. — Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the Hyatt Regency Hotel where the on the California Republican Convention convened to protest GOP front-runner Donald...

Obama, Ryan Join Hands to Block 9/11 Bill

A bipartisan alliance of President Obama and Paul Ryan has blocked the 9/11 bill.

Armenian Genocide: More than 100 Years of Silence against Christian Persecution

  “Who, after all, speaks today of the extermination of the Armenians?” – Adolph Hitler, Obersalzburg 1939. This week memorializes 101 years* since the Armenian Genocide, part of the...

The New Tubman $20 Bill – A History Lesson

The portrait of Harriet Tubman, a black slave women, will soon be front and center on the new $20 bill, replacing President Andrew Jackson.  As a conservative, pro-life, pro-gun woman, I...

Hillary’s Hotsauce: Health Aid or Cough Syrup?

In the latest daily soap opera that is the Democrat presidential race, TMZ’ Breakfast Club revealed Hillary Clinton packs hot sauce with her wherever she goes; however, the favored DNC...

Israel: Obama’s Demographic Myth Busted

Despite Obama's embrace of Palestinian myths, Jewish women in Israel are outbreeding Arab women in Israel.

Friday April 15th is National Day of Silence. But Why?

April 15th is this Friday. Are you ready for the National Day of Silence? What is it, you ask? Some sort of Tea Party anti-tax sit in? Nope.

Planned Parenthood to Men: Sit Down and Shut Up

According to Planned Parenthood, American men are at the mercy of women when it comes to children.

The European Social Media Attack Against ISIS: Hashtags and Tweets

Instead of creating new hashtags, Europe needs to find more effective ways to deal with ISIS attacks.

The Student Loan Slavery Boom

The next generation of Student Loan Slaves is about to be born.

Racism Breaks all Vows: Denounce The Donald

Donald Trump curiously feigned political amnesia on the topic of former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and all-around icky guy, David Duke.

FOX Offense: New Transgender Muslim Sitcom

With the new politically correct/incorrect FOX sitcom called 'Chad, An American Boy', Susan Swift pitches a few TV show ideas of her own.