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Author: PolitiChicks

Cruz Wins Utah Primary, Trump Wins Arizona (and Kasich Comes in FOURTH In AZ)

Tuesday's primaries were good for Cruz and Trump, not so for Kasich who managed to come in 4th in AZ.

Trump Spends Part of Super Tuesday Trash-Tweeting “Crazy Megyn” and FOX News

On Super Tuesday despite major wins Trump spent time trashing Megyn Kelly on .

BREAKING: After Devastating Loss in Florida, Rubio Suspends Campaign

Sen. Marco Rubio has officially suspended his presidential bid.

Ted Cruz Wins Wyoming

Senator Ted Cruz takes a strong early lead in the 3-part Wyoming primary.

Tim Donnelly Launches Insurgent Candidacy Against Establishment Congressman‏

Former CA Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly is running for Congress.

Marco Rubio Wins Puerto Rico Primary

Sen. Marco Rubio has won the Puerto Rico primary.

A Farewell to Nancy Reagan

A tribute to the beautiful love between Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Is, Once Again, With the Love of Her Life

Former first lady Nancy Reagan is, once again, with the love of her life.

Ted Cruz Wins Maine GOP Caucus

The Republican Party Chair in Maine has announced Sen. Ted Cruz the winner of the Maine caucus.

BREAKING: Ted Cruz Wins Kansas Caucus, CPAC Straw Poll and Ahead in Maine

Ted Cruz has won both the Kansas caucus and the CPAC straw poll.

Dr. Ben Carson: Not Attending GOP Debate But Not Out of Race. Yet.

Although Dr. Ben Carson announced he won't participate in Thursday's GOP debate, he is possibly still running for president. Or not.

Goodbye 1st Amendment? Trump: As President Wants to ‘Open Up Libel Laws’ to Sue Press Easier

As president, Trump threatens litigation if press writes negative/false articles about him.

Trump ‘Game of Thrones’ Parody: “Winter is Trumping”

If you're a fan of 'Game of Thrones' you'll love this parody with Trump.

American Conservative Union Says Rubio Has Made “Rookie Mistake”

According to the ACU, Marco Rubio has just made a "rookie mistake".

A Reminder to Call Your Parents and Grandparents. NOW.

A friendly PolitiChicks offering, reminding you to call your parents and/or grandparents right away.

Hillary Clinton’s Email-Gate Explained In Graphics and By The Numbers

How long will it take to go through all of Hillary Clinton's email? How much will it cost? How deep does this go?

BREAKING Trump Press Conference: “The Republicans have been very disappointing”

During a Monday press conference Donald Trump expressed anger with Republicans, the RNC, President Bush, and "liars" and "cheaters".

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Found Dead in Texas

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead Saturday at a Texas ranch.