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HILARIOUS Twitter Posts on @CrackerBarrel After “Brad’s Wife” is Fired

It all started when Bradley Reid Byrd posted on , “Why did you fire my wife?” According to, Comedian Amiri King brought the situation into the public eye and King’s 2 million...

Video of FBI Dir. Comey Giving Same Answer Repeatedly in Hearing

‘I CAN’T ANSWER THAT’: FBI Dir. James Comey gives the “same answer” at congressional hearing — FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) March...

Comedian Tim Allen on Being a Conservative in Hollywood: “This is like 30’s Germany”

Our own “resident television and movie star” Morgan Brittany has been saying this for years. From Washington Times: Comedic actor Tim Allen joked briefly on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”...

What Happens When a WOMAN Gets Interrupted By Her Children During a BBC Interview? Watch.

Remember the viral video of the man who was interrupted by his children while doing a BBC interview?  Here’s a version of what might happen if the same thing happened to a woman.

Awesome Song: “Friends in Safe Spaces” by Chad Prather and Steve Mudflap McGrew

Two comedian country stars decided to make a (hilarious) stance for conservatives in America.  “Friends in Safe Spaces” is the conservative political spin on the Garth Brooks song...

Back in the Closet: Conservatives “Face Backlash” in Hollywood Under the Trump Administration

From LA Times: As an Academy Award-winning producer and a political conservative, Gerald Molen has worked in the entertainment business long enough to remember when being openly Republican in...

Good Question: “Why is Obama’s IRS Commissioner Still on the Job?”

From Fox News: Nearly two months into the Trump administration, the IRS commissioner House Republicans once threatened with impeachment remains on the job. John Koskinen’s continued tenure...

Build the Wall? Almost 100 California Businesses Say “We’ll Do It!”

From LA Times: International engineering corporations, boutique architectural firms and tiny mom-and-pop builders with names like “Loko-Koko” are lining up to help build President Trump’s border...

SNL Features Skit With Pro-Trump Dog (And He’s Smarter Than Everyone On SNL)

This weekend’s Saturday Night Live featured perhaps one of the most shocking skits of their entire history when they featured a President Trump-loving dog.  The dog could have been the...

Coulter: “Stop bringing in immigrants whose specialty is committing crimes against entitlements program”

.@AnnCoulter: “Stop bringing in immigrants whose specialty is committing crimes against our entitlements programs.” #Tucker — Fox News (@FoxNews) March 11, 2017

Pres. Trump’s “Golden Touch” 1st Month: Unemployment Down, Wages Up

From Daily Mail: U.S. employers added a robust 235,000 jobs in February and wages rose at a healthy clip, a sign the economy remains on solid footing after nearly eight years of recovery. The...

George Clooney’s Wife Is Fighting for Victims of ISIS at UN

George Clooney’s wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, spoke out against not allowing ISIS to “get away with genocide” and standing up for victims of Islamic terrorism. From...

Pres. Trump’s 1st Month Brings 298,000 NEW JOBS to Private Sector in February

In his first full month in office, President Trump is honoring his campaign promise that he will bring more jobs to America.

Irony Alert: Pelosi Says Americans Deserve to See What Republicans Are Doing With Healthcare

Without a trace of irony Nancy Pelosi said, “The American people deserve to see what Republicans are trying to do to their health care.”

Mark Levin on Possible Wiretaps: “We’re Talking About Police State Tactics”

Mark Levin, appearing on Sean Hannity, perfectly explains why media is suddenly changing its story regarding wiretaps.

Pres. Trump Accuses Obama of Wiretapping Trump Tower Via Twitter

Pres. Trump sent out a series of tweets accusing the Obama administration of wiretapping Trump Towers before the election.

LA Times Writer Defends Stephen Bannon: “Not Racist or an Anti-Semetic”

Despite accusations, a former Jewish Breitbart employee defends WH advisor Steve Bannon via the LA Times.