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Author: Pamela Anne

Burning a Flag – Act of Policy Protest or Sedition?

The LA Times reported that during the May Day marches in downtown Los Angeles a black masked man began burning a small flag he held in his left hand. LAPD officers “swept in, handcuffed the...

A Call to Prayer: Stop Christian Genocide

The Center for Studies on New Religions recently reported Christianity is the most persecuted religion world-wide. The stats are staggering. In 2016 over 90,000 Christians have been murdered....

Whistle-blower Claims Spy Agencies Manipulate Presidential 2008 Florida Voting to Help Obama Win WH

Whistle-blower Dennis Montgomery, a former NSA and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) contractor, came forward over two years ago to congressional intelligence committees, congressmen, senators,...

The Media Rape of President Trump’s Advisor Kellyanne Conway

Gaffes are normal, everyone is human--but where was the same media outrage when Obama consistently (and sometimes incredulously) misspoke?

Hillary’s Blunders and Lies—Followed by Decades of Apologies

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has remarked in both his rallies and on that, “Hillary Clinton has bad judgment and is unfit to serve as President.” Most of us are familiar with...

Hillary Promises Under Her Presidency Cultural Marxism Will Continue

Hillary laid out her plan for the nation in the first of the presidential debates. What she describes as her vision for America is the continuation of cultural Marxism. Hillary’s vision: “First,...

Reparations Reframed as “Reconciliation Fund” in Billion-Dollar Proposal by Slave Descendants

Last week, Georgetown University’s President, John DeGioia, announced atonement efforts to include an affirmative action policy for descendants of the 272 slaves who were owned by Maryland...

Opinion: Dana Perino Can’t Wait Until Baby Boomers “Age-Out” in Politics

When I think of Dana Perino, vanilla ice cream usually comes to mind. Cold. Inoffensive. Ordinary. But last Thursday the politically correct Perino came out swinging against her version of t...

BREAKING: Shake-up at FOX News—Top Talent May Leave if Ailes Driven-out

Former Fox News anchor, Gretchen Carlson, has been joined by Fox News host Megyn Kelly in accusing Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. Carlson has filed a lawsuit against Roger Ailes for sexual...

Review: Clinton Cash Film Exposes Clintons’ Pay-to-Play Matrix

Pamela Anne's review of the explosive new film, Clinton Cash.

Rush Limbaugh: Obama’s Values not Traceable to our Founding

On the June 14 broadcast of EIB’s radio program, Rush Limbaugh said, “When I hear Obama start talking about American values, I don’t recognize a lot of them, honestly. His values, to me,...

Did Megyn “Trump” Fox Without Ailes’ Okay?

Megyn Kelly has reportedly gone rogue from Fox’s umbrella in an effort to mend fences with the presidential front-runner to land him for an upcoming “Barbara Walters-style” special. Kelly’s...

Effort to Censure Bible Makes ALA’s 2015 Top Ten List

The American Library Association reports that the Bible is the #6 requested book to ban. Another is the erotic book, 'Fifty Shades of Gray'.

Christian Genocide Continues–Priest Crucified on Good Friday

On Good Friday, March 25, 2016, Matters India reported that an Indian Catholic priest, Father Thomas Ushunnalil, 56, was crucified by ISIS.

National Border Control Counsel Endorses Presidential Candidate for First Time

The border patrol union has endorsed a presidential candidate.

Trump Attacker Charged in Federal Court

Thomas DiMassimo, a 22-year-old Fairborn, Ohio man was charged in federal court March 15, with illegal entry on restricted grounds, disorderly conduct and inducing panic during a Donald J. Trump...

The Betrayal of the Right’s Grassroots by their System

Pamela Anne believes the GOP has betrayed its grassroots.

The New America Revolution Is On!

Pamela Anne contends we are experiencing a new American Revolution.