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Author: Morgan Brittany

REPORTER: DOJ, FBI “SUPER PISSED OFF” at Obama White House Over Clinton Investigation (Video)

So the DOJ and FBI is 'super pissed off' about being out of the loop regarding Hillary's emails. So are we, DOJ & FBI, so are we.

State to Release Some Clinton Emails Friday; Thousands Delayed Until After Primary Vote

The State Dept. is releasing more Hillary Clinton emails on Friday but will delay final batch until after primary voting.

Is Obama Iran’s Puppet?

We as Americans better be prepared for dangerous times ahead & pray that the next 14 months of Obama don’t end in more disasters for us and our allies.

Morgan Brittany: Observations From Behind Enemy Lines (at the Democrat Debate)

Morgan Brittany chronicles her experiences as the sole PolitiChick covering the first Democrat debate in Las Vegas.

“The Kardashians- Americas First Family….” of Sex

The Kardashians have been chosen by Cosmopolitan magazine as 'America's First Family'. Morgan Brittany has a few words to say about this strange decision.

SOS – The HR Clinton Ship is Sinking Fast   

Admitting to lying and hoping an apology is enough, is the HR Clinton ship finally sinking?

For Some People #OnlyCertainLivesMatter

The media is strangely silent unless it fits their narrative, which seems to be #OnlyCertainLivesMatter.

Bernie Sanders is “Re-branding” Socialism   

Enter 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the poster boy for the “new socialism”--and many on both sides are falling for it.

Ban “Gone With The Wind”?! Is John Wayne Next?

A film critic has suggested the film “Gone With The Wind” should not be shown on TV or in theaters anymore due to its “racist” subject matter.

Anti-ISIS Video By Kurdish Pop-Star Helly Luv

Kurdish pop-star Helly Luv is causing a stir with her anti-ISIS video, encouraging people to 'join the revolution' & fight.

Movie Review: Entourage — Don’t bother.

Morgan Brittany reviews new movie 'Entourage.' Sounds like it should've stayed on the small screen...

Is George Stephanopoulos “Too Big to Fail”?

The astonishing thing is that these people like George Stephanopoulos think they can get away with anything, and the sad truth is, it looks like they can.

Democrat Party Is a House Of Cards

With the chaos surrounding Hillary Clinton and her missing emails and Clinton Foundation antics, the Democrat Party looks like an ant hill that has been stepped on and the ants are scattering....

Does Reverend Al Want Affirmative Action At the Academy Awards?

I don’t know about you, but I think the Reverend Al Sharpton has reached the saturation point with the American people. Not only is he a media hound, grabbing the attention of camera crews...

NYPD vs. DeBlasio – Round 1     

Early this week New York’s Patrolman Benevolent Association came out swinging against NY Mayor Bill DeBlasio. A petition being circulated by the group to its members states that any officer who...

Morgan Brittany: I Am NOT A “Stupid” American Voter!

The arrogant, elitist Liberals have just gotten on my last nerve. With this exploding story about the Obamacare architect, Jonathon Gruber, who was caught on tape saying what WE all knew to be...

Why Are We Getting Mixed Messages On Ebola?      

No one seems to know what the heck they are doing in dealing with Ebola. Before Ebola hit our shores it was a disease that was affecting people far away in West Africa. We would hear occasional...