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Author: Morgan Brittany

Will “Last Man Standing” Finally Fall After Liberal Network Silences its Voice? Maybe Not.

Television sure ain’t what it used to be.  Gone are the days of wholesome family values, strong fathers and mothers, lessons taught in a 30 minute story, musical fun without having to hide...

Fox News Fires ‘The Five’ Co-Host Bob Beckel Over “Racist Comment”

Hollywood’s Daily Variety has just announced that Bob Beckel, the antagonistic liberal of the Fox Network’s “The Five” has just been terminated from the show because...

Report: Justice Scalia Believed Supreme Court was Being Surveilled by Obama (VIDEO)

In a news report on the Fox Business Channel, Judge Andrew Napolitano dropped a bombshell of a statement and Gateway Pundit has the video.  In a round table discussion with host Maria Bartiromo...

Good News/Bad News Re. Clinton Emails Detailing Obama Response to Benghazi

From Tom Fitton and the excellent folks at Judicial Watch: I have some good news on bad news on getting more answers on the Benghazi outrage. First the good news. We put out word this morning...

CA Democrats Make Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day Disappear

As if things couldn’t get any worse in California.  In an article by Lloyd Billingsley for Front Page Magazine it has become abundantly clear that the Democrats running the state have the...

Clemson University: Expecting people to show up on time is racist

What?!  Wait…is this another joke on a fake news site?  No, believe it or not this is the actual idiocy that is going on at our Universities.  According to The Blaze website, Clemson...

MSNBC Host Jumping Sharks: What if Putin Planned the Syrian Chemical Attack to Help Trump?

Ok, it’s official, MSNBC has officially jumped the sharks.  No, not one shark, but a whole ocean of sharks.  This is absolute insanity on behalf of Lawrence O’Donnell when he floated...

Morgan Brittany: A New McCarthyism in Hollywood?

It’s amazing that The Hollywood Reporter would even print this story, but they did.  After the brave statements made by Tim Allen on a late-night talk show where he truthfully said that...

Morgan Brittany: “Methinks Hollywood Dost Protest Too Much!”

As someone who has been in show biz her entire life, Morgan Brittany knows more about this subject than most.

Is This Satirical Video About Political Correctness Too Far Off? (We Don’t Think So)

Are we not becoming or have we already become an Orwellian society?

Oh No! The Hollywood Snowflakes Have Melted

We all want a better country and Hollywood leftists need to stop their angry and divisive script dialogue and join the "real world".

Megyn Kelly Is Leaving Fox News for NBC! Is That Good or Bad?

Can FOX News survive--or thrive--at the loss of Megyn Kelly?

Hollywood Shifting Strategies in New Trump Era: “Are We Telling the RIGHT Stories?”

Because of President-elect Donald Trump, perhaps the pendulum in Hollywood is swinging to the RIGHT again.

White House, Clinton Possibly Tied To PR Firm Behind Electoral College Push

The waters run deep and if you dive deep enough you can see that the Clintons and the far left activists will not rest until President-elect Donald Trump is taken out.

Morgan Brittany: American Women Dodged a Bullet when Hillary Lost

Hillary was not the right woman and this was not the right time.

Congress: Attorney General Lynch ‘Pleads Fifth’ on Secret Iran ‘Ransom’ Payments

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has decided not to comply with requests from Congress about the $1.7 billion in cash sent to Iran earlier this year.

Huma Abedin Granted Access To Hillary Based On Clinton Global Initiative Donor Status

Latest WikiLeaks show emails to and from Huma Abedin while Hillary was Secretary of State in which she granted access to people who were huge donors to the Clinton Global Initiative and the...

Megyn Kelly vs. Donna Brazile: Did You Receive Debate Question Beforehand?

In case you missed it, Real Clear Politics has released a video of an explosive interview between Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and DNC chair Donna Brazile.  The interview took place after the...