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Author: Michelle Mears

A Toxic Invasion in Southern CA Threatens National Security

Politichicks reporter Michelle Mears took a tour of the border with Christopher Harris, along with radio host Don Dix from AM590, to see first-hand the situation brewing at the border. This is...

Council Member Exposed for Coordinating Efforts to Turn Rialto Into a Sanctuary City

Citizens in Southern California are angry and fighting back against politicians who want to create or keep sanctuary cities.

Why Everyone Should Care About the Latest CA Gun Control Laws

“So goes California, so goes the nation. We need to show these laws are an increased burden on citizens and not reducing crime and we need to stop these laws here. The battle starts and finishes...

Clinton’s Foreign Policy Speech Shows Disconnect With Military Families

New PolitiChicks reporter Michelle Mears' take on Hillary Clinton's recent stump speech on Foreign Policy in California.