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Author: Katherine Daigle

Privacy v. Terrorism?

Where do you draw the line between privacy and terrorism?

Davis-Oliver and Kate’s Law Initiative: Protecting Americans

The Davis-Oliver and Kate's Law Initiative will remove the hobbles of law enforcement re. immigration and criminals.

Hillary: Secrets, Lies, and High Crimes

Whether Hillary meant to do evil or simply didn't recognize what was on her computer, she is guilty of a crime.

American Women Considered As PREY?

A new group has formed trying to make rape legal in order to "protect" women....

“Project Gunrunner”, Starring El Chapo

Information has now surfaced that weapons associated with Operation Fast and Furious have been found in connection to the notorious drug lord El Chapo.

Does Sarah Palin Seal the Deal for Trump?

After being wooed by every presidential candidate, Sarah Palin endorses Trump. What does this mean for the other GOP candidates?

‘Security Moms’ the New Mama Grizzlies

With national security being one of the biggest concerns in American families, Security Moms have become the new Mama Grizzlies.

America Welcomes Relief at the Gas Pumps (But For How Long?)

America has been seeing some welcome relief at the gas pumps recently but how long will it last?

Finding Christmas

With all the troubles in the world, is having a "merry" Christmas possible?

Facing Reality: Jihad in America

Pretending Islamic terrorists don't exist in America is not only foolish but also deadly.

Helping Our Veterans (Before Helping Potential Voting Blocs)

If we accept large numbers of people with uncertain intentions instead of helping our veterans, we may find ourselves with no country at all.

Is America An Open Border Nation?

At this point, the behavior of illegal aliens is making it seem that there is no sovereign country by the name of “The United States of America” at all.

Why the Word ‘Illegal’ is Becoming Illegal

How can order be sustained in a country where some laws are fully enforced and others are completely broken? You make the word 'illegal' illegal.

Why We Need a Strong, ASSERTIVE Leader to Save the U.S.

It is essential that the United States elect a strong, assertive leader, of the sort that Obama has failed to be

Data Collection and The Information Age

In this new Information Age, information is a valued commodity unto itself.

The Great Fuel Fix (and How Gov’t Regulations Are Strangling the Oil Industry)

The oil industry is stumped by aggressive government measures. It doesn't understand why the government is doing this, especially since we can't afford it.

Is America Still A Global Superpower?

Throughout the 20th century, the United States was hailed as a global superpower. But after these Obama years, does it remain so?