Author: Karin Piper

Colorado School District Unanimously Passes Resolution To Address ‘Testing Madness’

Douglas County School District experienced sweeping changes in 2009 when the community cleaned out the school board and replaced it with a majority of outspoken, ‘roll up your sleeves and...
Posted On Aug 14 2014

US Flags on Brooklyn Bridge Replaced With Mysterious White “Surrender” Flags

Two mysterious large white flags were flying over the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City this morning in place of the US flags New York City police is investigating how this happened, why and who...
Posted On Jul 22 2014

Tribal Leaders Leery of Obama’s New Common Core Plan for Native American Children

The Obama administration’s new plan to overhaul federal education for American Indians is being met by suspicion and skepticism by tribe members. The current federal plan, Bureau of Indian...
Posted On Jul 16 2014

Scotland To Make Historic Vote On Independence From England (Remind you of anyone?)

September 8, 2014, Scotland will make a historic decision: Whether or not to declare independence from the United Kingdom. If the vote passes, Scotland’s constitution will be changed, and...
Posted On Jul 04 2014

Did You Know Obamacare Can Now Collect DNA Info on Newborns?

On June 24th, 2014 the U.S. House passed HR 1281, a bill that nationalizes newborn genetic screening without consent. It passed on a voice vote without a roll call or amendments. HR 1281 may be...
Posted On Jun 30 2014

Children’s Data For Sale By Government- Price $10K

Nevada dad John Eppolito has been given a $10,000 bill to see his own children’s school files containing the data collected by the state. “The problem is that I can’t stop them from...
Posted On May 14 2014

“Suck It Up!” Angry Colorado Soccer Moms Ready For Ed Secretary Duncan Today

What’s the most stupid thing a politician can do? How about pick a fight with moms? U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan brought political lunacy to a different level when he played the race card...
Posted On May 08 2014

Ohio, Vote Against Common Core In Today’s Primaries

Registered Republicans in Ohio can fight Common Core by casting their vote today in support of candidates and party platform issues that deliberately take a stance against Fed led ed. The Ohio...
Posted On May 06 2014

LIVE! Listen To The Benghazi Hearings

Watch the latest video at Watch the Benghazi hearing live this morning. News and history infolding without media influence on your opinion. What a novel idea.
Posted On May 01 2014

School Forces Standardized Test on Autistic Child In Spite of Parent’s Objections

North Forsyth Middle School in Cumming, Georgia, forced the state mandated ‘high-pressure’ standardized test on a student with autism not once, but twice, ignoring pleas and warnings from the...
Posted On Apr 18 2014

Parents Met By Police: Told Kids Must Take Standardized Tests Whether They Agree- Or Not!

Tracy and Mary Finney thought they were meeting with the principal at West Side Elementary in Marietta, Georgia, this morning to discuss their choice to opt out of of Standardized State Testing...
Posted On Apr 16 2014

Clark County Sheriff Tells Feds To Back Down From Bundy Ranch, BLM Announces Pullout

For what it’s worth, Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie announced moments ago that he has ordered BLM off the Bundy Ranch. In any event, BLM announced that they are ceasing operations this...
Posted On Apr 12 2014

Woman Hurls A Shoe At Hillary in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada- Hillary Cinton’s speech is suddenly interrupted as a woman hurls a shoe at the stage. Clinton is on a whirlwind tour speaking in 3 states in just 4 days, reportedly to...
Posted On Apr 11 2014

Next WACO? Protestors Surge As Heavily Armed Feds Round Up Nevada Rancher’s Cattle

Heavily armed federal forces drop down in the Nevada desert surrounding Cliven Bundy’s family ranch over “grazing trespassing.” The Feds have rounded up the cattle belonging to the Bundy...
Posted On Apr 10 2014

Happy Birthday Ann-Marie, From All Of Us At Politichicks!

Happy Birthday to our favorite Politichick editor. Hope you have an incredible day. We love you!
Posted On Mar 21 2014

Man Arrested For Concealing Chicken In His Pants

Sounds like we have a new definition of concealed carry: ROME, Ga, police say a man was arrested after he shoved a rotisserie chicken and two toothbrushes down his drawers and walked out of...
Posted On Mar 18 2014

Have a Hardship? Opt Out of Obamacare!

Obamacare is now supposedly the law of the land…unless you have the new playbook.  Believe it or not, if you know the new rules, you just might be able to snub deadlines and penalties of not...
Posted On Mar 13 2014

Will Christian Health Care Co-Ops Count As Obamacare Alternative?

As the deadline for signing up for health insurance looms near, a new type of coverage is gaining popularity- Christian Health Care Co-Ops. In some ways it is similar to ordinary insurance:...
Posted On Mar 06 2014