Author: Dr. Gina Loudon

Obama Says Trump Won’t Be President

Dr. Gina Loudon was recently on Neil Cavuto discussing Obama's belief that Trump won't be president.

Dr. Gina on HLN’s Daily Share: Why Donald Trump is So Popular

Dr. Gina appeared on HLN's Daily Share to discuss the reasons why Donald Trump has so many fans out there...

Dr. Gina on Neil Cavuto: Skewed Media Coverage of Planned Parenthood & Trump

Dr. Gina appeared on Your World With Neil Cavuto talking about media coverage of Planned Parenthood and Donald Trump.

Dr. Gina on Fox Business: “Donald Trump is Creating a Dialogue I Have Never Seen in Politics”

Dr. Gina appeared on Making Money with Charles Payne discussing the way Donald Trump is energizing the GOP.

Dr. Gina on the Donald Trump vs. Lindsey Graham Feud

Dr. Gina and John Hawkins discuss the Lindsey Graham vs. Donald Trump feud on her show America Trends.

Dr. Gina on the Dr. Drew Show Discussing KKK Rally in SC

Our own Dr. Gina Loudon appeared on the Dr. Drew Show discussing a KKK rally in SC.

The Power of MORE

Maybe we are all greedy at heart. I have always been fascinated by the voracious consumption of wealth, the teetering temptation of fame, and the tantalizing persuasion of politics. I have...

EXCLUSIVE: Family Member of Michael Brown Celebrates Shooting of 2 Ferguson Police Officers on Social Media

According to PolitiChicks’ sources very close to the Ferguson situation, a family member of Michael Brown, the teen who was shot August 9, 2014 in Ferguson apparently has no sympathy for the...

College Professor Calls for Repeal of Second Amendment

Dr. Gina Loudon joined Tucker Carlson on Fox and Friends to discuss the Portland State University professor who wrote an editorial calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment. Follow Dr. Gina...

Dr. Gina: “Republicans need to Fire Boehner and Cut Taxes!” #FireBoehner

Dr. Gina Loudon joined Neil Cavuto to discuss how Republicans, believe it or not, need to be more like the French! Follow Dr. Gina on Twitter @DrGinaLoudon and Facebook @GGLoudon

How to get along with family during the holidays

Dr. Gina appeared on Fox News on Christmas morning to give advice on how to get thorough your holiday family gatherings without any hurt feelings. Should we avoid politics and religion at the...

Anti-gun PSA tells kids to steal parent’s guns!

Dr. Gina Loudon joined guest-host Kimberly Guilfoyle on Fox News’ On The Record to discuss the new anti-Gun PSA telling kids to steal their parents’ guns.

Cruz vs. Warren on the Government Shutdown – Dr. Gina on Fox Biz

Dr. Gina appeared on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto to discuss the difference in the mainstream media reporting of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s courageous and revolutionary effort to shut down...

Dr. Gina Talks Politics with Newt Gingrich

Dr. Gina filled in for the week for Bryan Fischer on Focal Point on AFRTalk. She spoke with Newt Gingrich about a range of topics, and asked him whether he was running for president in 2016....

Obama Gets NO CREDIT for U.S. Marine’s Release

What would it be like to serve two heroic tours of duty for a country that was unwilling to defend you? What would it be like to sit naked and constrained, innocently suffering from...

Should the Gov’t Pay People To Lose Weight? Dr. Gina on Fox & Friends

Dr. Gina joined Ainsley Earhardt on Fox & Friends to discuss the UK’s latest grand idea to incentivise people to lose weight. Will it come to the U.S. next? Follow Dr. Gina:...

Ask Dr. Gina: “Why is the GOP against the Equal Pay Act?”

Dear Dr. Gina: I watched you, Ann-Marie and Morgan on Fox and Friends promoting your book, and you all did a great job! I checked out your website and I read your book, and it all made me wonder...

Dr. Gina & Greta Van Susteren on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Love Affair with Obama

Gwyneth Paltrow recently had the President over to her house for a small but pricey fundraiser. The things that Paltrow said at this event were outrageous. Dr. Gina appeared on Fox News’ On...