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Author: Emery McClendon

Is It America’s Last Stand, or Is It Time To Stand Up and Win?

The people stood their ground and a line was drawn in 1776 to create a new nation, but somehow most Americans have forgotten what it took to form this country called The United States of America....

Snowflakes Are Falling – Will They Melt or Stick It To America?

Has America reached its tipping point? Have we lost our way, and our morals?

Emery McClendon: We Did It – Now Let’s DO It!

Let’s look to God Almighty, who alone gives us the hope in our hearts to do so, and after placing our trust in Him we can truly “Make America Great Again!”

Emery McClendon: Hope For Greatness or Doomed For Failure

When the call was made for us to come out of silence eight years ago to stand up against the tyranny proposed upon us by the liberal progressives, we did so because our goal was to stop the...

Emery McClendon: The “Sound of Blackness” or a False Narrative?

The black community has a big problem. It mainly stems from a lack of teaching morals, values, personal responsibility, and a respect for God, country, and the family. All of these were pillars...

The Convention Balloons Have Fallen, But We Must Rise Up!

Now that the political conventions are over and the election season is about to kick into full speed, have we learned anything from them?  There were speeches, videos, lots of music, and a...

Other Than Divisiveness, What Has This President Wrought?

With racial tensions in America at an all-time high, Emery Mcclendon asks, 'What has this President wrought?'

Guest Writer Emery McClendon: Our Paper President

For the first time in American history we have a weak and timid President who is as thin spined as a sheet of paper. He has portrayed himself as a man that hides behind others to shield his...

Guest Writer Emery McClindon: The Union Is At Stake

Once a year our President stands before a joint session of Congress and briefs them and the country on The State Of The Union.  The practice is from a command given in The U.S. Constitution. ...