Author: Jamie Glazov

Right or Wrong? Mohajer vs. Greenfield on Trump’s Travel Restrictions

A HuffPo writer and Daniel Greenfield go toe-to-toe on Pres. Trump’s Exec Order on Immigration and if Trump is legitimate in his approach re. the nature of Islam.

Did Chuck Schumer Cry Over Obama’s Christian Ban?

Jamie Glazov wonders if Chuck Schumer ever cried over Obama’s Christian ban, shedding light on the peculiar hypocrisy and double standards of leftist tears.

Glazov, Greenfield, and Tapson Analyze the Leftist Rage of the Women’s March

Jamie Glazov, Daniel Greenfield, and Mark Tapson discuss the recent Women’s March, where mental illness, emasculation and self-hatred meet.

Celebrating a Murderess at the Women’s March

Bruce Bawer, the author of The Victims’ Revolution, discusses the “feminist” howls of rage in support of kidnapper, torturer and murderer, Donna Hylton.

Sharia’s Fiefdoms Conquering Britain

Anne Marie Waters discusses how the U.K. is slowly, but surely, becoming an Islamic State.

The Left’s Ferocious Rage at Trump’s Inauguration

Jamie Glazov discusses the Left’s ferocious rage at Trump’s Inauguration, focusing on: When the truth reproves you.

Trump Wins from Day 1

Daniel Greenfield discusses the ways Trump wins from Day 1, explaining why nothing the Left does can stop him.

How the Victimology Subterfuge is Killing the West

Christine Williams, an award-winning journalist at, discusses the tactic with which the Left-Islamic Supremacist Alliance is devouring us.

Immigration Failures vs. Americans

Michael Cutler, former Senior INS Special Agent, discusses immigration failures vs. Americans, unveiling how law enforcement failures undermine our citizens’ civil rights.

Robert Spencer: “The Hill” Bows to the Islamic War on Free Speech

Robert Spencer discusses why the folks at The Hill are giving up freedom of speech.

Top Ten Reasons Keith Ellison Should Terrify You

Anni Cyrus discusses reasons why Keith Ellison should terrify you and how the Left’s alliance with Islamic Supremacism is solidifying at the DNC.

The Self-Taught Revolution Against Sharia

Dr. Bill Warner explains how intellectual guerilla fighters are breaking through the elite’s Party on Islam & making the truth available for the common man.

Dr. Mordechai Nisan Discusses His Book, “Only Israel West of the River”

Dr. Mordechai Nisan, the author of Only Israel West of the River, discusses Only Israel West of the River, unveiling the road ahead — now that Oslo has been tested and failed.

The Two State Solution Will Kill Israel

Daniel Greenfield discusses how Israel must kill the Two State Solution, explaining that if it doesn’t, the two-state solution will kill Israel.

How I Was Screened as a Refugee (and Why I Embraced It)

Anni Cyrus discusses how she was screened as a refugee, and shares why she embraced it.

Mark Tapson: The Left’s War on Masculinity

Mark Tapson, editor of, discusses how cultural Marxism on U.S. campuses is crippling America’s ability to defend itself.

Lies About “Hijab 101”

Anni Cyrus discusses a "seminar" called Hijab 101 that is setting out to normalize vicious savagery against women.

The Islamic Darkness Descends on Europe

Ann Marie Waters, Director of Sharia Watch UK, reveals that Islam has descended on Europe and now is the time to stand up and reclaim our civilization.