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Author: Jamie Glazov

Michael Finch: Where Has America’s Fight Gone?

David Horowitz Freedom Center COO Michael Finch discusses Donald Trump's comments about fighting terrorism and asks, 'Where has America's fight gone?'

House Democrats Go to War Against Free Speech

Robert Spencer discusses House Democrats going to war against free speech, unveiling why H. Res. 569 is so dangerous.

10 Things America Must Do to Defend Itself From Jihad

Michael Finch and Robert Spencer discuss 10 Things America Must Do To Defend Itself From Jihad & the crucial steps the U.S. must take to reverse the tide.

Kai Chen’s Escape From China’s Tyranny

Kai Chen, China’s Basketball Superstar & author, discusses how language shapes freedom & tyranny on The Glazov Gang.

Dr. Ari Babaknia: When Silence is Not an Option

When Silence is Not an Option — on The Glazov Gang. Where was the world during the Holocaust? Where is it today while ISIS massacres innocents?

Daniel Greenfield: Muslims Are Not the New Jews

Daniel Greenfield says Muslims are not the new Jews, pointing out how Chanukah is not about Islamophobia.

Robert Spencer: The Criminalization of Dissent

Robert Spencer discusses the criminalization of dissent & how those who reject establishment views are coming under increased law enforcement scrutiny.

Obama’s ISIS Strategy and the Urgency for Additional Measures

Herb London, president of the London Center for Policy Research, discusses how the president doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with ISIS.

Hiding San Bernardino Jihadist Tashfeen Malik’s Face

Nonie Darwish discusses the way the media hid San Bernardino jihadist Tashfeen Malik’s face from the public for a few days.

The “Countering Violent Extremism” Deception

Stephen Coughlin discusses the deception of countering violent extremism, & how the CVE narrative was fostered by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Daniel Greenfield: Migration is the Greatest Threat to National Security

Daniel Greenfield says migration is the greatest threat to National Security. It’s not the weather, it’s the terror.

Robert Spencer: To Flood America With Muslim Refugees

Robert Spencer discusses flooding America with Muslim refugees & the Islamic State threatening to flood Europe with 500,000 refugees in February, 2015.

When Islamic “Refugees” Turn to Terror

Stephen Coughlin discusses when Islamic “refugees” turn to terror, shedding disturbing light on the most dangerous “course of action” of the enemy.

Nonie Darwish: The Truth About the San Bernardino Attack

Nonie Darwish discusses the truth about the San Bernardino terror attack & how it is time to stop shaming Americans for wanting to protect their nation.

Jihad’s Paris Massacre: A Dire Warning to America

Stephen Coughlin discusses the lessons of ISIS’s Paris massacre, shedding troubling light on Jihadists’ dire warning to America.

When Brown-Shirts Need to Feel “Safe” on Campus

Daniel Greenfield discusses the need for Brown-Shirts to feel “safe” on the American campus & why truth tellers about Islam need to be punished.

Huma Abedin’s Longing for Syrian Refugees

Jamie Glazov analyzes Huma Abedin’s Longing for Syrian Refugee, asking when the media will ask Hillary’s top aide about her Muslim Brotherhood connections.

Terror in Mali & the Real Meaning of “Allahu Akbar”

Daniel Greenfield discusses the real meaning of ‘Allahu Akbar’.