Author: David Weissman

Analysis of Israel and American Press Conference

Israeli David Weissman analyzes the recent press conference between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Israeli Says: “Stop Telling Us to Make Peace With People Who Want to Harm Us”

Israeli David Weismann says if you truly want to support Israel and her people this is what you can do.

Justice Denied in Israel As Families in Amona Forced to Evacuate

Because of an international law, the people of the Israeli settlement of Amona are being forced to evacuate on the 25th of December.

Israel (Literally) Under Fire

This past week Israel has been engulfed by flames all over the country. From cities in the north of Israel, and in cities like Haifa, Modin, even reaching the Jerusalem hills.

Israeli David Weissman: U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem? Absolutely!

One of Trump's promises to the State of Israel is to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

Trump and UNESCO Discussed at “Jerusalem Forever” Event in Israel

At "Jerusalem Forever" event in Israel, Trump and Pence offered support of Israel via video.

My Hope For Israel in the New Year of 5777

Rosh Hashanah has come and it is now 5777 in the Hebrew calendar, but terror attacks have not slowed down. This week we had an Islamic terrorist shootings right here in Jerusalem, killing 2...

Israel Mourns Shimon Peres, the Last of Israel’s Founding Fathers

The last of Israel’s founding fathers Shimon Peres has passed away this week. He has lead an exemplary 66 year career from creating the Israel Defense Force (IDF), to leading as Prime Minister...

Why Does Obama Hate Israel?

This week the United Nations held a general assembly which consisted of leaders from all over the world. They discussed different issues around the globe, including security, fiscal issues, and...

Regarding Palestine, Netanyahu is Right, Obama Admin is WRONG

This past week, Israeli Prime Minster Bibi Netanyahu released a video statement saying Palestinians want to “ethnically cleanse Jews” from Judea and Samaria, an area uneducated people...

Shabbat Transportation Chaos in Israel

Whether you are Jewish or a Christian who reads and studies the Torah and Tanakh (Old Testament), you believe that “Shabbat” was given to the Jewish people by God because as God...

A Day in the Life of an Israeli

In the past year over 4,ooo Jews from the United States and Canada have immigrated to Israel. Out of the only small number of Americans the majority of them have no idea what life is like in the...

Israel: Is It Time to Build the Third Temple Mount?

MK Rabbi Yehuda Glick is a well-known Temple Mount activist here in Israel. Rabbi Glick supports the Jewish right to the Temple Mount because ultimately it belongs to the Jewish people.  Recently...

Remembering the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics Islamic Terrorist Attack

Each night, people all over the world are enjoying the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  But for many in Israel, this is a time of mourning and remembrance of the 1972 summer Olympics in...

Open Letter to Dinesh D’Souza and PM Netanyahu: ‘Hillary’s America’ Must Be Shown in Israel

To Dinesh D’Souza and Prime Minister Netanyahu, As an Israeli citizen, I believe it is imperative that the people of Israel see ‘Hillary’s America’ in order to know who we are...

Israeli Elections Similar to the U.S.: Number One Priority is National Security

“If you believe, do not Fear.” (Moshe Feiglin campaign slogan.) The political system in Israel is more complicated than the United States in some ways. With so many varieties of parties and...

Dangerous Democrat Presidential Duo Supports Dangerous Iran Deal

Last week Hillary Clinton announced her Vice President pick, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. My job as an Israeli correspondent is to find out what kind of impact he could have if team Clinton/Kaine...

Yes, Even Israel Has Left Wing/Right Wing Party Problems

Israeli correspondent David Weissman tells of the right wing/left wing differences in Israel.