Author: Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield: The Two Clinton Nuclear Bombs

The two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan were known as “Little Boy” and “Fat Man.” The world today has two new nuclear bombs. One is named “Fat Bill.” The other is named “Little Hillary.” The “Bill...

Daniel Greenfield: Refugee Terror is Changing America

The wave of Muslim refugee terror began with a bomb targeting a U.S. Marine charity run in New Jersey. By evening a pressure cooker full of shrapnel has exploded outside a Manhattan building for...

Daniel Greenfield: Fighting Caliphate With Chaos

Sum up our failed Middle East policy in a nine-letter word starting with an S. Stability. Stability is the heart and soul of nation-building. It’s the burden that responsible governments bear for...

Daniel Greenfield: The Ghosts of September

Looking back at 9/11 through the tunnel of years, like watching the painfully blue light of the memorial towers of light sweep the sky, is both remote and vast. Looking back through time is like...

Daniel Greenfield: Pieces of Truth

Time brings distance to all events. No pain is as fresh twenty years later as on the day it happened. The shock of the impossible becomes the new normal and then it becomes more background noise....

Daniel Greenfield: Why We Will Defeat Islam

I delivered the following speech at the American Freedom Alliance’s event in August. Thank you to the organizers and everyone who came out to be a part of it. We’re winning. I know it’s a...

Daniel Greenfield: Obama’s Crime Against the Victims of ISIS

America’s terrorist shortage may be reaching an end. If Orlando didn’t satisfy you and San Bernardino left you wanting more. If you thought, why can’t we have more Boston...

Daniel Greenfield: Why the Burkini Ban is Right

The media has found its latest civil rights cause. It’s not the plight of Christians in Muslim countries who are being blocked from coming here as refugees because Obama’s refugee policy favors...

Daniel Greenfield: Nation Building or Islam Building

What we have been doing in this century isn’t nation building. Instead we’ve been empowering our enemies.

Daniel Greenfield: How America’s Polygamy Ban Blocked Muslim Immigration

American leaders of a century past could not reconcile themselves to Islamic polygamy. Yet our modern leaders have reconciled themselves to the Islamic mass murder of Americans.

Daniel Greenfield: Gary Johnson’s Seventy-Five Percent

This is the summer of Gary Johnson. The former New Mexico governor who has been steadily drifting left over his career is now doing his best to make Hillary Clinton into President Hillary...

Daniel Greenfield: Moderates and Radicals in Islam and the Left

The core strategic problem we face is two conflicts with two ideologies that operate subversively until they are in power. That is, instead of stating their agenda openly, Islam and the left...

Daniel Greenfield: Black Law Enforcement Lives Don’t Matter

Black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter. Black Nationalist terrorism does.

Daniel Greenfield: Free Michelle Obama’s Slaves

It is time to end slavery all over again. It is time to free Michelle Obama’s taxpaying slaves.

Daniel Greenfield: Stop Lone Wolf Terrorism by Ending Muslim Immigration

The source of the problem is Islamic immigration. That is the only possible solution. The only way to reduce the growth of the lone wolf Islamic terrorism problem is to reduce or end Muslim migration.

Daniel Greenfield: The Day the Bernie Dream Died

The Bernie dream is dead, but the dream of a totalitarian revolution of the left lives on.

Daniel Greenfield: The Black Heroes Who Took Down the Freddie Gray Hoax

The Freddie Gray case came down not to black or white, but to telling the truth and doing the right thing.

Daniel Greenfield: New War Crimes in Germany

In Germany, 2,000 Muslim migrants sexually assaulted 1,200 women in a single night in cities across Germany.