Author: Brian Bledsoe

Rep. Pete Sessions Booed, Heckled at Hostile Town Hall Meeting in Texas

On March 18th, Representative Pete Sessions of 32nd district in Texas held a town hall meeting in Richardson High School and as a constituent I looked forward to attending my first town hall...

The Blabbering Fools on the Hollywood Hill

What happened at the Golden Globes is only the beginning of a constant screed against the upcoming administration.

New Political Activist Brian Bledsoe: 2016 Was Quite Fantastic!

While many seem glad 2016 is over, new political activist Brian Bledsoe has had an excellent year and hopes 2017 will be as good or better.

Activism in Action: PolitiChicks Reporter Attends Left-LeaningTexas Tribune Festival Mostly Pro-Abortion, Anti-Gun

The past year has definitely had its number of surprises for me, from being elected a national delegate to being a contributor here at PolitiChicks. One surprise that never crossed my mind was...

Brian Bledsoe: I’m Conservative Because of O.J. Simpson

PolitiChicks writer Brian Bledsoe explains why the O.J. Simpson trial was the catalyst that caused him to become a conservative.

Brian Bledsoe: My Life As a Delegate, From State to National

Brian Bledsoe explains what's involved in becoming a national delegate.

So Ted Cruz is Dangerous? How Shaking Cruz’s Hand Caused a Fervor

Brian Bledsoe shares how a photo with Ted Cruz caused a major Leftist to set Brian's notifications app on fire.

CPAC 2016 Through the Eyes of a First-Timer

Our newest PolitiChicks contributor Brian Bledsoe shares his experiences as a CPAC 2016 first-timer!