Author: Barbara Cook

Hillary: The Hits Just Keep On Coming…

This week we learned that the FBI has determined that Hillary should not face charges for using a personal email sever for non-personal email. The timing is certainly interesting, so soon after...

Dancing the Tango While Islamic Terrorists Conquer the World

Obama has made many bad decisions during his presidency but his laissez-faire attitude towards Islamic terrorism is the most dangerous for America.

Advice From a Middle School Teacher: Follow the Rules!

Bottom line kids, life is a lot easier if you simply follow the rules. It's how a successful society functions.

Thanksgiving White House Fence Jumper & Gun Control

On Thanksgiving a man jumped the White House fence while the Obamas were having lunch. Wonder if the Obamas were discussing gun control?

If They Walk, Talk, and Act Like Terrorists…They Might Be Terrorists.

Denying that people are potential terrorists--and refusing to ensure they're not-- doesn't suddenly turn them into innocent "refugees".

Benghazi Hearing and Unanswered Questions

Too many important questions were left unanswered in the Benghazi hearing.

Culture of Disrespect and Murder

Disrespectful adults raising children results in a disrespectful, narcissist culture full of children who have zero respect for those in authority.

Disposable Children?

From ISIS in the Middle East to US pharmaceutical companies and Planned Parenthood, are children becoming a disposable commodity?

What Are Today’s Democrats REALLY Afraid Of?

Exactly what are today's Democrats so terrified of?

What Can We Do To Save America?

For the past almost seven years, we’ve experienced a slew of scandals, lying, missing e-mails, cover-ups, and comments like, “What difference does it make?” We have an administration that makes...

We’re Not a Genderless Society

The world in 2015 is slightly backwards. Recently social media was flooded with the story of patron Yvette Cormier, a patron of Planet Fitness, who was stunned to walk into the women’s locker to...

Obama’s True Love: Golf

One thing about Obama that the American people can depend on is this:  Obama is golfing every possible moment of his day. Currently he is defending ISIS for their atrocious acts of beheadings,...

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Is Obama connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and should Americans be concerned? Is the United States catering to Brotherhood under Obama? Are we inviting Sharia law into the country? Where is...

Abortion Is NOT the Only Choice.

“A fetus is just a blobby tissue.”  “It’s my body, leave me alone.”  “How dare all these self-righteous people tell others what to do?” Many women cite...

If Jesus’ Message Is Love, Why So Much Hatred Against Him?

When the word “Christianity” is mentioned, some people immediately turn a deaf ear to what else is said. Many television programs, movies, and news print articles portray Christians...

Media Silent as Christians Are Targeted, Killed

At this moment, Muslims are targeting Christians in astronomical numbers yet the mainstream media has covered little to nothing of these atrocities, instead choosing to continuall...

Are Americans Afraid of Islam or Are They Just Ignorant?

Are Americans afraid to criticize Islam? It is my opinion that many are. Too many are engulfed in their own daily lives to even give the enemy any thought.   There is another group of people who...

“Conditional Tolerance” Is Not Tolerance.

Upfront without any apology from me, I am a white, redheaded, freckled faced, conservative, who believes the Bible to be the truth, loves Jesus Christ, values life – pre-born and born, a tolerant...