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Author: Ann-Marie Murrell

After Warning Americans Against Political Correctness, Geert Wilders Facing “Hate-Speech” Charges

On Monday the "hate-speech" trial began for Freedom Party Leader Geert Wilders in the Netherlands.

The Greatest Song You’ll Hear All Year: “What Difference Does It Make”

Thanks to @SocialistMop on , this is the most clever, terrifyingly true song of 2016. Who knew James Comey and Hillary could sing so well & Hillary's laugh finally works. Enjoy.

WikiLeaks: Google Head Emailed Cheryl Mills “Strategic Plan for U.S. Election”

In the Halloween WikiLeak hit, we've learned that Eric Schmidt, head of Google, had a "secret strategic plan" for the U.S. election.

BREAKING: Donna Brazile Fed Hillary 2nd Debate Question; CNN Fires Her

WikiLeaks has done it again, ousting a 2nd DNC Chair. This time it's this summer's interim chair Donna Brazile, who has been caught giving Hillary two debate questions.

Because of Obamacare Is This a “Throwaway” Presidential Election For Either Side?

Because of the pending Obamacare tsunami hitting the US in 2017, is this a throwaway election in which neither side really wants their candidate to win?

Debunking the “Voter Fraud is Rare” Lie

Here in California, we haven’t been allowed to show our ID to vote for many years.  The inconvenient truth is that if my husband and I were bad guys we could easily vote multiple times...

Editorial: How PolitiChicks Has Survived ElectionGeddon 2016 (So Far)

Over a year ago I almost lost one of my best friends over Donald Trump.  We were discussing his growing popularity, something she was terrified of, and I was trying to convince her that she had...

Loss of a PolitiChick: Rest in Peace, Maureen Mullins

The first time I met Maureen Mullins was via email in 2013 after she was referred as a potential writer.  Her writing was excellent, and her passion about conservatism instantly made her a...

Tuesday VP Debate: Who’s Who of Who? What To Expect

Thanks to Michael Dukes Show producer Brendon Berger for the title, but ‘Who’s Who of Who?” definitely describes the Tuesday night Vice President Debate.  It may not receive as...

Sen. Ted Cruz Officially Endorses Donald Trump

Senator Ted Cruz has endorsed Donald Trump for president. Regarding a Hillary Clinton presidency, Cruz says, "My conscience tells me I must do whatever I can to stop that."

New Season of South Park Goes After Hillary, Trump, BLM

The new season of South Park has begun and wow, it’s a doozy.  Much like TMZ, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have tapped into America’s of-the-minute culture and are attacking it...

Facebook DOWN For Many: Can World Survive?

For approximately 5 hours or more, has been experiencing a strange outage.  According to messages on the, this is what many people worldwide are seeing (including my personal ...

Evan Sayet to Begin Filming Groundbreaking Conservative Comedy Film (FREE Tickets!)

On August 27, author and comedian (and PolitiChicks friend) Evan Sayet will begin filming a groundbreaking comedy special–but with a conservative theme.  Evan, who once wrote for the Bill...

Center for Security Policy: The Truth-Telling Video About Jihad (That YouTube Tried to Take Down)

On July 6, Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy released a powerful 3-minute video explaining the difference between “violent jihad” and “civilization jihad”...

Military K9 Trainer’s Post About (Really Bad) Hillary Clinton Encounter Goes Viral

On July 28, military K9 trainer Eric Bonner posted the following statement on about his encounters with President George W. Bush, Obama, and later, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...

Hollywood Says SPEAK UP Politically! (But ONLY If You’re a Democrat)

One Bachelor has learned the hard way when Hollywood demands you SPEAK OUT POLITICALLY it is a very one-sided fence.

PolitiChicks Co-Owner Morgan Brittany to Emcee ‘Golden Clef Awards’ in Hollywood

Morgan Brittany has been named the emcee of the upcoming Golden Clef Awards in Hollywood. Order your tickets today!

Exclusive: Photos of Street Memorial in Nice, France

Our friend John Dichiara, witness to the Islamic attack in Nice, France, provided PolitiChicks with a statement & photos of the aftermath.