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Author: Ann-Marie Murrell

Is Hollywood Encouraging (and/or Inciting) Violence Against Pres. Trump?

Remember in 2011 when the left went insane because Sarah Palin used a political map dotted with crosshairs, then she was blamed for shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords?  Turned out that...

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Unveils the Dark, Anti-Israel Underbelly of UN Security Council

Ambassador Haley had the courage to peel back the curtain and give us a glimpse of what the U.N. is really all about. This is truly frightening.

Top 5 Democrat-Created Issues That Democrats Should Be Concerned About Now

Here are the Top 5 Democrat-created issues that Democrats should maybe be concerned about under an all-Republican administration.

The Problems With Hero Worship (or Utter Condemnation) of Broken People

Trying to explain the broken words or actions of a broken person is like trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Doesn’t work.

Former Sen. Jim Webb: Dem Party Has Moved Far Left, Lost Flyover Land

Former Sen. Jim Webb (D-Virginia) offers harsh words for the Democrat Party and encouragement for Pres. Trump.

“Trump Dress” Designer Soriano and Singer Joy Villa “Overnight Sensations”

Because of one dress, Joy Villa and Andre Soriano's hard-earned dreams of success have come true.

After Liberal Journalist Receives Virtual Stoning by Leftists for Milo Article, Gets Support From Conservatives

Liberal journalist Chadwick Moore learned firsthand that the party of actual FREEDOM and TOLERANCE is definitely not the Democrat Party.

Steve Bannon in 2012: “We Moved Political Parties Out of the Way and People Took Control of Their Own Destinies”

Ann-Marie Murrell's interview with Steve Bannon in 2012, whose words about the media seem almost prophetic today: "Don't let the pundits tell you what to think."

U.S. Ambassador to U.N. Samantha Power: 9 Reasons Why She’s the Most Dangerous Woman in the World

If you don't understand why America would throw Israel under the U.N. bus, here's a reminder of who America's ambassador to the U.N. really is (and BOY does she hate Israel)...

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts: Our Favorite Books

Need some epic last-minute Christmas gifts, or maybe something special for yourself? Here are some of the best Conservative-based books in America!

Can There Be “Peace on Earth”?

One of my favorite Christmas carols—and possibly one of the most patriotic Christmas songs of all time–is “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”.  Originally written as the poem...

Amazon Introducing “Grab and Go” Grocery Stores: Epic or Horrible Idea?

So what do you think--is this epic and cutting-edge, or is it edging even closer into a full-on "Big Brother" world?

Hollywood BLOCKS Distribution of “The Gosnell Movie”

It took grassroots efforts to get "The Gosnell Movie" (about serial killer Dr. Kermit Gosnell) made and it looks like it's going to be up to all of us to make sure it gets distributed, too.

Holiday Treat in California – Enchanted: Forest of Light at Descanso Gardens

Beginning November 25, Descanso Gardens will premier "Enchanted: Forest of Light". Get your tickets now, you will not want to miss it!

My Father’s Ring and the Little Miracles of November 22

Since the death of her father on November 22, Ann-Marie Murrell shares the miracles that have occurred on that date beginning with her father's ring.

Frank Gaffney Named to Trump’s Transition Team

Out of everyone considered for a White House position, few are more deserving and/or more needed than our PolitiChicks friend, Frank Gaffney.

Ann-Marie Murrell: How the Media Exploited Fear in the 2016 Presidential Elections (and How to Temper It)

What we are witnessing is the fevered pitch end result of an agenda-driven media, working triple time to terrify Americans into believing their LIES.

Austrian WWII Survivor Explains How Easily A Country Can Fall for Socialism

Full transcript of WWII survivor Kitty Werthmann's speech in which she tells of Hitler's takeover of Austria. The similarities today are staggering.