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Author: Ann-Marie Murrell

Sen. Ted Cruz and Rabbi Boteach Give Rousing Call to Action at Synagogue in Beverly Hills

Senator Ted Cruz received multiple standing ovations at the Shabbat service in Beverly Hills, California.

(VIDEO) Joe Dan Gorman: “The Perks of Being Pathological Liars”

Joe Dan Gorman has created one of the best videos ever regarding the continual lying and passing of the buck among both the Democrat AND Republican Parties.

BOMBSHELL Planned Parenthood Brochure: “Abortion kills the life of a baby…”

It doesn't say 'tissue' or 'fetus' or 'blob.' A 1961 Planned Parenthood brochure clearly states abortion kills babies. End of argument.

THIS Explains Why the GOP Can’t “Compromise” With Democrats.

When the head of the DNC can't answer this question without question or pause, the GOP must never try to 'reach across the aisle' with them again.

BREAKING: 4th Planned Parenthood Video Released #PPSellsBabyParts

The FOURTH undercover video about Planned Parenthood selling baby parts has been released.

Sen. Ted Cruz Accuses Sen. Majority Leader McConnell of Lying, Stands Up for Americans

Channeling both Pres. Reagan and Andrew Breitbart, Sen. Ted Cruz lashed out at Sen. Maj. Ldr. McConnell for siding w/Democrat Harry Reid & lying to the GOP.

BREAKING: “Older White Male” Reportedly Opens Fire in Louisiana Theater; 2 Reported Dead

An 'older white man' reportedly opened fire in a Louisiana theater, 2 are reported dead including the shooter.

Action Alert From Frank Gaffney: “Kill the Obamabomb Deal Before it Kills Us.”

Time is running out to stop Obama's deal with Iran, aka the Obamabomb. Urge Congress to say NO!

Latest Ad Campaign From California’s Man-Made Drought: DEAD is the New Green

Because of California's man-made drought, people are encouraged to forget about going Green and to instead Go Brown--as in dead lawns, plants, and trees.

(VIDEO) Gatlin Brothers Sing About Islamic Terrorists: “Dear Gutless Worthless Cowards”

The Gatlin Brothers have no problem calling Islamic terrorists what they are.

“Which Bigot Said It” Game Elicits MAJOR Shock At San Diego Pride Parade

Mike Slater played a game, "Which Bigot Said It." While folks were surprised at the answers, you'll be more surprised at theirs.

Conservatives: Are We Letting Emotions Get the Best of Us?

Are conservatives allowing the Evil Media Empire to get the best of us?

How Young Conservative Charlie Kirk Is Taking College Campuses by Storm

Charlie Kirk & his organization, Turning Point USA, are doing what GOP strategists seem to be clueless about: reaching youth.

Flashback 2007 Sen. Obama: America Needs to “Keep Nuclear Weapons Away From Terrorists”

C-Span clips from '07 summarize what then-Sen. Obama thought about a nuclear Iran & the 'shameful smearing' of folks who disagree w/the president...

Center for Security Policy: “Iran Nuclear Deal Much Worse Than Experts Predicted.”

According to the Center for Security Policy, the Iran nuclear deal is much worse than experts predicted.

Frank Gaffney: “Wake Up, America, to Obama’s Nuclear Nightmare”

Frank Gaffney announced that Obama's Iran deal has gone through, ensuring Iran gets their bomb...

Bill Whittle: “The Democrats Are the Party of Slavery, Segregation, & the KKK

Bill Whittle says, "Dems want to pin the Confederate Flag, KKK, Great Depression, & harsh marriage laws on the GOP... pin the tale on the Donkey instead!"

Republicans & Democrats: Can YOU Pass the Black Political History Test?

We encourage everyone to take the Black Political History Test. You might be surprised which party has been on the Right side of history all along.