Rick Perry: “Republicans must nominate one with deep Executive Experience.”

Every big name Republican presidential hopeful is in New Hampshire this weekend for the state’s First in the Nation forum. Former Texas Governor...
Posted On Apr 17 2015


VIDEO: WHY Are Students Supporting Hillary in 2016? (Ugh…)

Caleb Bonham of CampusReform.org asked college students why they would support Hillary Clinton for president.  Their answers were, unfortunately,...


I Saw My Father’s Heart Today

I saw my father’s heart today. My father, nearly 91, spent the morning in confusion, removing his sheets, his gown, and the leads on his chest...


Should Our Government Care If We Believe in Christ?

As a practice, the American culture has lived and now may be dying, by the “rule” of not mixing religion and politics. Certainly religious...
Posted On Apr 12 2015