THIS Explains Why the GOP Can’t “Compromise” With Democrats.

When the head of the DNC can't answer this question without question or pause, the GOP must never try to 'reach across the aisle' with them again.


Colorado GOP Reneges On Shutting Down SuperPAC

Luis Toro of Colorado Ethics Watch revealed that a deal to dissolve the controversial SuperPAC known as the IEC was nixed by the Colorado GOP.


UPDATED: (WARNING: Graphic) Common Core-Approved Child Pornography

Update on Macey France's article about The Bluest Eye, a book filled w/porn & pedophilia & is on the Common Core list of exemplar texts for 11th...


Next Step: Common Core Mixes With Vacation Bible School.

How can the masterminds behind Common Core involve religion in their plans to take over education? Offer Common Core training to VBS providers!